The Millennials

Today, preventing crime is something all need to do. Anti-theft devices help in that goal.



Complicated? No, what it does is toss this item back into the Congress where it should have been voted on in the first place. Voters then will have the law as they want it.

Overturning Roe v. Wade would send issue back to states. Then it gets complicated

Almost half a century has passed, so forgive Dave Heinemann if he doesn’t remember every single detail of how things went down that long spring day in Topeka.

But one thing the former Kansas lawmaker hasn’t forgotten is the intensity of the 1969 debate on a measure that made abortion more accessible in the state.

“The Legislature was rewriting the state’s criminal code, and there was one section on abortion,” said Heinemann, then a Garden City Republican serving his first term in the Legislature. “That was the only section that really became a lightning rod.[snip]

Lee and others say they don’t think the Supreme Court would reverse Roe right away if conservative Judge Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed. It’s more likely, Lee said, that the court would simply uphold state laws already on the books that regulate abortion. [snip]

This only has a complication for those who want an abortion any ole time. The best part of undoing Roe is it will force those feckless bastards taking our money while shirking the kob they were sent to Congress to do.

SCOTUS made law; they’re not paid to do that. Congress ducked making law; for that they’re paid. We’re NOT paying then to insure reelection. Force them to do that for which we pay them. Vote the will of the electorate or their conscience. If their decision gets them fired, we get to put in another that votes the people’s choice.

Illegal Immigration

The real insanity on the Left is they foul their own nest. Given that, they cannot help but step in it. Better they do it to themselves and we should avoid contact.
There is no immunization to protect the sane.

Busy Month for Illegal Immigrants Committing Heinous Crimes

As the separation of families pouring in from Mexico dominates the airwaves several disturbing cases involving illegal aliens shift the focus back to the devastating impact of America’s poorly guarded southern border. In the last few days alone, an illegal immigrant who had been deported eleven times attacked his wife with a chainsaw in front of their children, another got charged with a series of violent rapes and dozens were arrested for operating a major human and drug smuggling enterprise in a major U.S. city.

The gruesome chainsaw attack occurred in Los Angeles County, which has long offered illegal immigrants sanctuary. A man named Alejandro Alvarez-Villegas, deported to his native Mexico 11 times since 2005, tried to kill his wife with a chainsaw. In local media reports, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) refers to him as a “serial immigration violator,” but the agency fails to explain how that could possibly occur. Alvarez-Villegas has been charged with seven felonies and is being held without bail. One California newspaper worries that the assailant’s immigration status will fuel calls for a big wall on the border with Mexico and spark “illegal immigration foes to point to the U.S. immigration system as a failure in need of revamping.” The piece also quotes open borders advocates saying that domestic violence happens among Americans citizens too and that it’s not an “undocumented” problem.

Several hundred miles north in San Francisco, an illegal immigrant from Peru recently got charged with rape by force or violence and other crimes. The 37-year-old, Orlando Vilchez Lazo, was a driver for the ride-sharing company Lyft who somehow passed a background check. Lazo faces life in prison and is being held in jail in San Francisco on $4.2 million bail. San Francisco has long provided Illegal aliens with sanctuary and forbids it law enforcement agencies from cooperating with federal immigration officials. Judicial Watch has sued the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department (SFSD) to prevent the use of taxpayer funds on policies that prohibit department personnel from cooperating with federal immigration law enforcement officials. Back in 2008 Judicial Watch investigated the SFSD’s handling of an illegal alien (Edwin Ramos) charged with the triple murder of three innocent American citizens. Ramos, who had been arrested on three prior occasions and convicted with two felonies, was never turned over to federal immigration authorities for removal to his native El Salvador under San Francisco’s sanctuary policies. [snip]

One could say that the Progressives/Socialists/Communists and other garden variety Liberals could/should be committed given they exhibit a massive mental disorder.
On the other hand, they committed themselves to a hellish and disorderly place.

They’re called Blue States.

Daily Insanity

Peccable reflections

If the Jackasses were pure as the driven snow, why wold some of there be dirty footprints be in those drifts.

Not ‘noticed’ behind all the histrionics…from Rico

Here’s a little bit of “news” that was not really ‘reported’ by the MSM (doesn’t fit the ‘narrative’) and is otherwise quite ‘lost’ behind all the whining, wailing, gnashing of teeth, and rending of garments by the collective Leftards is this:

Another Swamp Creature has Run Away

A very senior FBI executive (he reports to Dir FBI Wray) heading the Task Force ‘investigating’ Russian Interference in US Elections has resigned.
– After 18 years in the FBI* Jeffery Tricoli has abrubtly gone to Commiefornia to be a ‘stock broker’ leaving a significant and ‘plum’ Gummint job. Makes sense to me.

*If you are unaware of how Federal retirement works, by resigning before 20 years of service this guy took a yuge ‘monetary hit’ by way of a significant reduction in his future retirement pay. Maybe that seemed better than getting swept-up and arrested in a raid by US Marshalls one of these fine days?

Gittin’ while the gittin’ is good? The statute of Limitations has a long reach.


Paul has been calling for the sky to fall for some time. He’s been wrong so far BUT…

…all he has to be is right ONCE!

This is the ‘biggest bubble in the history of mankind and it’s going to burst,’ Ron Paul says

Look to the stock market and you’d assume Wall Street was doing just fine. The S&P 500 has come back to March highs, the Dow is back to positive for 2018, and the Nasdaq is at fresh records.

It’s all built on shaky foundations, said longtime market bear and former Republican Congressman Ron Paul.

This market is in the “biggest bubble in the history of mankind,” and when it bursts, it could cut the stock market in half, he told CNBC’s “Futures Now” Thursday.

“I see trouble ahead, and it originates with too much debt, too much spending,” Paul said.

This isn’t the first time Paul has made such dire warnings. During a “Futures Now” appearance in August 2017, he predicted a 50 percent drop in the market, a call he has doubled down on a number of times since. Since that appearance, the S&P 500 has rallied 15 percent. [snip]

Paul isn’t alone in his critique. A number of politicians have voiced concern over ballooning deficits, including current House Speaker Paul Ryan, who raised a warning on the nation’s debt in 2012.

The Congressional Budget Office estimates that federal deficits will average $1.2 trillion a year from 2019 to 2028, according to its April economic outlook. Its 2018 deficit estimates rose by $242 billion over previous forecasts made in June 2017. The federal agency said the revision was mainly owing to lower projected revenues tied to tax reform. [snip]

“The government will keep spending, and the Fed will keep inflating, and that distorts things,” said Paul. “When you get into a situation like this, the debt has to be eliminated. You have to liquidate the debt and the malinvestment.”

Paul reiterated his call on Thursday for a potential 50 percent sell-off on the stock market.

One item that can exacerbate the hardship of a sell-off is the amount of investing has been done on margin. That is what caused Oct 29th, Black Friday, to be so bad. When the stocks dropped and the calls to cover margin went out, investors were forced to sell to raise that money. Selling dropped the stock values to fall further with each sale.Oddly enough not all stocks dropped; only those high fliers those shooting up in share price were hit. But that was a large amount of cash value lost.

Idiot’s Corner

It is not wise to prognosticate about items that obviously are disputed by history. But Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez makes a novice statement
stating that history is wrong; she believes Capitalism will end.

Of course in any interview, questioners are not allowed to ask her to prove any of her posits not to ask for a plan to pay for her government freebies. No socialist will ever make such a fiscal position clarified since proving a negative platform is not possible.

Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Says Capitalism Will ‘Not Always Exist’

Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the new darling of the Democratic party. In a recent interview, however, the upstart politico running in a hyper-liberal district in New York did not show command of the issues. Ocasio-Cortez was being interviewed by Margaret Hoover on the PBS show ‘Firing Line.’

Hoover asked very basic, softball questions of the young congressional candidate. In explaining her positions on the economy, Hoover asked Ocasio-Cortez “Do you think that capitalism has failed to deliver for working class Americans?” Hoover cited a currently booming US economy and low unemployment.

“Unemployment is low because everyone has two jobs,” Ocasio-Cortez explained, lamenting that people are employed but having to work long hours, “Capitalism has not always existed in the world and will not always exist in the world,” she continued.

Socialist Ocasio-Cortez confronted with booming economy & low unemployment numbers.
She says “Unemployment is low because everyone has two jobs” and “Capitalism has not always existed in the world and will not always exist in the world.”

All Socialists from Marx to Maduro have and are the primary proof of the error in her thinking. Nowhere can she point to her system as being correct, even though many have tried.

Socialism is a program of theft, no matter how one dips it into the honey pot. The opposite of a socialist program is Capitalism which is what people do when not threatened and coerced by a Government. Unless Ocasio-Cortez is referring to pre-industrial tribal societies not even reaching the Luddite level and even there they sell and trade for the benefit of self first.

More of this perhaps is being peddled