Day by Day


Half a century…

… and it will be the same mess.

Those attending exhibited a complete loss of reasoning, a love of rolling in mud and a terrible taste in music.
I lived better in the field in Vietnam. At this time, I was back stateside from my second tour in the Nam.
I wonder how many of those idiots came down with dysentery? Just what do you think happens in pastures and the runoff into livestock watering ponds.

Any farm kid knows.


When two unabashed idiots try to sound like the voice of reason, one knows the grand lie is being spawned.

Pelosi and Shumer exit the meetings with the President and immediately race to the mics and cameras of the fawning press. Every dulcet tone is recorded. r. President, open the government so that “WE” can negotiate over border security and DACA.

The Jackasses never have kept their word on any agreement; their promises lie shattered and kicked to the curb. That dance routine is so shopworn, that it requires no teleprompter to jog their memory.
Negotiations always go according to this script. “Once we have what we want, you can pack your requests deep into your fundament, set it on fire and blow it out your ass.

The Donkeys are quite frustrated since Trump hasn’t caved into their demands. They’ll ramp up the histrionics abetted by the lackey press. A rock and a hard place awaits them since the money for food stamps, WIC and some of the other welfare programs will run out.
The Jackass constituents will not sit still for the loss of the freebees. The more pain that can be brought to bear will cause the likes of Pelosi and Shumer to hear unpleasantness on a daily basis.

If Trump follows through on his promise to declare a national emergency and build the barrier, certainly buying stock in unmentionable apparel. The clowns on the Left will be soiling theirs for some time to come.


Have we built the first batch of “Terminators”?

Oops! Autonomous robot struck and ‘killed’ by a self-driving Tesla in Las Vegas ahead of CES

Tesla has found itself involved in yet another self-driving car accident – and this time, its victim was a $2,000-per-day rentable humanoid robot.

In what many are speculating was an over-the-top PR stunt, Promobot revealed one of its model v4 robots was ‘killed’ by a Tesla Model S on a Las Vegas street ahead of CES.

The accident occurred on Paradise Rd Sunday night as engineers transported the firm’s robots to the display booth.

According to Promobot, a number of robots were making their way to the booth around 7 p.m. when one of them stepped out of line and into the parking lot roadway.

As it did, it was struck by a Tesla Model S operating in autonomous mode. [snip]

Next it will be moms with kids in the parking lot of a food store.

Ponder this

The husband who decides to surprise his wife is often very much surprised himself.

~ Voltaire


The downside to this is that “No good deed goes unpunished”. Whacking these malicious hate-mongering portals of fake news is a mirthful event. The only question left unanswered is why not the NY Times? One can only hope…

Origin of virus that hobbled newspapers still unclear

The origins of a suspected computer attack that disrupted the Los Angeles Times and Tribune Publishing newspapers remained unclear Sunday after causing delivery delays and being brought to the attention of federal investigators.

San Diego Union-Tribune Publisher Jeff Light described the incident as “what now seems to have been a malicious attack on the company by computer hackers” in a message posted to the newspaper’s website. He told readers the disruption had mostly seemed to have been brought under control.

The suspected attack prevented the Chicago Tribune, the Baltimore Sun and other papers from publishing paid death notices and classified ads Saturday. But Tribune Publishing has said no news websites were affected and no customer information was compromised. [snip]

Hey, this was a good shot to the kishkas; going after the money source really disrupts.

The Los Angeles Times, citing “several individuals with knowledge of the Tribune situation,” reported that the attack appeared to be in the form of “Ryuk” ransomware. Tribune Publishing sold the Los Angeles Times and the San Diego Union-Tribune earlier this year for $500 million to biotech billionaire Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, but the companies continue to share software, according to the newspaper.

An advisory by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ cybersecurity program earlier this year described “Ryuk” attacks as “highly-targeted, well-resourced and planned.” [snip]

If anyone thinks I’m going to shed tears over something like this, pick your second choice.

If these were real newspapers with REAL reporters perhaps a different opinion might be forthcoming.

Ponder this

A start to the New Year needs a wisp o’ warning concerning that farrago of malefactors hiding behind the Beltway wall. They are not beholden to the voters; the donors who bought them pull the strings.

The only string twixt them and us is the leash to our collar affixed to our necks.

Everything’s fine today, that is our illusion.

~ Voltaire