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The battle lines are forming between Americans and Communists (aka Social Democrats) the big fight will come in SCOTUS over gun laws. One cannot, not understand the importance of a case such as this. A bit of history shows quickly that a disarmed population can be forced into boxcars for the final trip. Places such as Venezuela, the USSR, China, Cuba and the UK (yes, they’re Socialist) have all restricted firearm ownership.

P.J. O’Rourke saud is nicely with this: “Don’t let the people with money and guns be the same people.”

Now this screech is coming from California.

CA Newspaper: Our State’s Gun Control Laws Are In Jeopardy

A couple weeks ago the Supreme Court made a shocking (but welcomed) announcement: the high court would be hearing the first gun case in a decade. The last time the Supreme Court heard a gun-related case was back in 2008 when they ruled “the Second Amendment protects an individual right to possess a firearm unconnected with service in a militia, and to use that arm for traditionally lawful purposes, such as self-defense within the home” in the landmark Heller decision.

What’s interesting is the San Francisco Chronicle, a rather liberal newspaper in California, published an editorial admitting that the state’s gun control laws may be in danger. While the Supreme Court was reluctant to hear Second Amendment-related cases, the Court now has more conservative justices. Now that Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh are on the Court, gun rights activists are expecting landslide victories that can and will protect the right to keep and bear arms for years to come.

California may be the toughest gun control state in the country with a political lineup ready to go even further. The high court, which sensed it didn’t have the votes for a change-making decision until the arrival of Justice Brett Kavanaugh, is ready to go the other way.

When newspapers like The Chronicle recognizes gun control advocates’ legislative progress can be undone by the Court, you know there’s real danger to the anti-gun agenda, which is great for Constitution-loving folks. [snip]

Anti-gun advocates have long used states like California and New York as prime examples of their gun control efforts being put into practice.

The Court plans to hear New York State Rifle & Pistol Association v. City of New York, which will examine New York City’s ban on carrying a licensed and unloaded gun outside of city limits. If licensed to carry, residents can only do so within city limits. The problem is gun ranges are located outside of city limits and some want to be able to carry their firearm throughout the state.

From another Roman this bit of wisdom pits a dent in the Socialist/Communist cant about blaming inanimate objects for actions.

Quemadmoeum gladuis neminem occidit, occidentis telum est. (A sword is never a killer, it is a tool in the killers hands.) 

~ Lucius Annaeus Seneca “the younger” ca. 4 BC – 65 AD

Historical happenings

11/3/1883 The U.S. Supreme Court declares American Indians to be “dependent aliens.”

11/3/1921 ~ Milk drivers on strike dump thousands of gallons of milk onto New York City’s streets.

11/3/1967 The Battle of Dak To begins in Vietnam’s Central Highlands; actually a series of engagements, the battle would continue through Nov. 22.

Toon in

If you don’t believe the Communists are detrimental to Life
and Liberty, this should prove how low their collective IQ is.

Toon in


All the noise and hubris over the SCOTUS nomination isn’t going to end with the FBI investigation. The Communists will push for Ford to file a complaint concerning her assault.

If she does, Ford might leave herself open to filing a false police report. That is a criminal act and carries some jail time if proven to be false. Additionally, anyone swearing to the report, if false, also are subject to criminal punishment.

We doubt her lawyer would allow such action, but then again, they’re Leftys and brain damaged.

The communists in Congress won’t and don’t care if she is charged. All they care about is getting Kavanaugh.

Maryland Authorities Say They Will Investigate Kavanaugh if Ford Files Complaint

Local Maryland law enforcement and legal authorities say they are prepared to investigate the sexual assault allegations against embattled Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh–if Christine Blasey Ford is willing to file a criminal complaint.

A September 28 letter co-authored by Montgomery County Chief of Police, J. Thomas Manger, and Montgomery County State’s Attorney, John J. McCarthy outlines the scenario going forward. The letter notes:

We remain prepared to investigate any allegation, should a victim come forward. To date, there have been no criminal reports filed with the Montgomery County Department of Police that would lead to the initiation of any criminal investigation related to Judge Kavanaugh…The Montgomery County Police Department and the Montgomery County State’s Attorney’s Office stand ready to investigate any sexual assault allegation from any victim where the incident occurred in our jurisdiction.

The letter also notes that both offices consider the testimony of an alleged victim paramount to the initiation of such investigations. The letter also clarifies that this approach is line with both national standards and respected Old Line State sexual assault survivor advocacy networks. [snip]

Additionally, the letter makes a somewhat against-the-grain claim that, if Dr. Ford’s allegations against Kavanaugh are true, the crimes described would have only qualified as misdemeanors under the statues in effect at the time the incident occurred–and thus the statute of limitations would have long tolled. The letter states:

Furthermore, the law at the time the offense occurred is the law that must be applied to any charges that might be brought. For example, in 1982, assault and attempted rape were both misdemeanors and subject to a one-year statute of limitations.



The usual nonsense from the Left doesn’t take log to appear. The usual suspects lurk on the fringes of anything really stupid.

Watch closely. You can actually see the goalposts moved back

Here We Go: Kavanaugh Accuser’s Legal Team Rejects ‘Artificial’ FBI Investigation Deadline

Today was supposed to be simple. The Senate Judiciary Committee was set to vote on advancing the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Senate floor. Then, 60 hours of debate, followed by a final vote on Tuesday. It was going to be a party-line vote. It was going to be dotted with Democrats once again whining about the process. They also want an FBI investigation into the sexual misconduct allegations lobbed against Kavanaugh. [snip]

None of the three allegations hurled against him have any evidence or witnesses. It’s devolved into a circus. On top of that, Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) decided to stab his party in the back.

Yes, the committee voted to advance the nomination, but not before Flake decided to take the role of Benedict Arnold, suggesting a delay in the final confirmation vote in order to have the FBI investigate the claims. It’s on a weeklong timetable. Sens. Murkowski (R-AK), Collins (R-ME), and Manchin (R-WV) all jumped onboard supporting this measure. The White House, now forced into a corner, has formally ordered the FBI to conduct an investigation. It’s the wrong move. Flake decided to give this left wing smear campaign another week of oxygen, allowing more time for last minute shenanigans to possibly occur. [snip]

And to no one’s surprise, Ford’s legal team rejects the “artificial limits” of the investigation (via Fox News): [snip]

Do you wonder if Kavanaugh is thinking “Paybacks are a bitch”.


Across the pond, the Froggy leaf eaters are causing trouble with the abattoirs and boucheries.

‘Radical vegans’ strike fear into the hearts of French butchers

When the stone slabs crashed into her butcher’s shop window last week, Elisabeth Cure became the latest victim of “radical vegans” who are trying to force a change in eating habits in traditionally meat-loving France.

The attack in a quiet town of Saint-Arnoult-en-Yvelines, 50 kilometres (30 miles) southwest of Paris, took place at 3:00 am, startling Cure as she slept above the store.

As in other similar incidents around France over the last year, her tormentors left a tell-tale tag scrawled on the shopfront: “End the Repression”.

“That’s how I knew it was radical vegans,” she told AFP.

Incidents of vandalism and intimidation have reached such a level that the country’s butchers’ confederation, representing 18,000 businesses, sounded the alarm publicly in June and asked the government for protection. [snip]

The answer to these acts of violence is to fracture skulls, cause severe pain upon said protesters. A line is crossed when one takes up weapons for the cause.
ANIMAL RIGHTS: Animals have the right to a quick and painless conveyance from pasture to table.


The sole reason for this fight over a SCOTUS candidate is the loss of the court as a means of advancing a Progressive agenda.

The Unrelenting Left: If Kavanaugh Is Confirmed, This Is What Democrats Will Try To Do To Get Rid Of Him

[snip] Let’s recap where this nomination hit a snag: The committee vote was slated for today, but Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) decided to drop a bombshell: a woman named Christine Blasey Ford, alleges that a drunken Kavanaugh, then-aged 17, tried to sexually assault her at a party. This dropped at zero hour. DiFi had the letter since July, never told her colleagues about it, and apparently didn’t think much of it since it was never brought up during the hearings. Maybe it’s because the allegation has no evidence, no solid witnesses, and it’s over 30 years old. Ford can’t remember how she got to the party, how the party itself came together, and who owned the house where this attempted assault reportedly took place. Kavanaugh has denied the allegation. [snip]

Feinstein’s comeuppance for this bit of politics when she should be voted out of office.


This turned out to be another barrel of BS.

Backpedaling? Ford’s Lawyer Sends a Letter to Grassley With Grave Concerns

One of the attorneys for Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s first sexual assault accuser, sent a letter late Monday night to Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley expressing concerns about the format of Thursday’s hearings. [snip]

So he has grave concerns. Where did he get the idea that he has anything to say about procedure. If he didn’t like the arrangement, he could take his strumpet and go home.