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The Millennials

This posting, one can hope, might reach those dim areas of the lost minds of those snowflakes shining a couple of watts into those crevices. First, it isn’t a nuclear option. It is the putting back the proper rules of the Senate, that Harry Reid uprooted in order to thwart Dubya’s ability to place judges on the lower courts. Then Obama and Reid did use the Super Majority in 2013 on court choices.

For those that refuse to believe this, all one has to do is examine the voting results for the approval of Judges Thomas and Alto. The partisan nature of the Senate deprived them of what use to be votes in the past such as 96-4, 98-2 or 93-7. Votes were made on the candidate’s creds and moral character.
You can see the operation of this in the Abe Fortas vote, that individual was nominated by LBJ; he was not approved.

Harry Reid brought about this division in the Senate. His partisanship looked at the candidates views rather than their qualifications. If the candidate wasn’t a flaming Progressive who would not vote to torch the Constitution, he was not fit to sit on the bench.

Gorsuch will sit on the SCOTUS bench; the real worry for the Jackasses is who is next: Kennedy or Ginsburg.

Snowflake jobs in America

It’s a terrible situation to graduate from some prestigious bazaar purportedly issuing degrees in some discipline of scholarship. Yet we find multitudes of these scholars sitting in Mom’s basement engaged in Nintendo studies but not able to pay their student loans.

Now there is good news from two states that are opening manufacturing plants servicing those hard to fill jobs held by many Millennials.

Gymmat CA-(Bent News) A Think Tank/Factory has been proposed for unemployed “Women Studies” degree holders hoping to find employment at $15/hr. Employment engaged in finding the means of injecting “Feminist Principles to the Islamist Milieu” and “Burn your Burkah” will be discussed and a search for a means of hiring qualified individuals to engage the Mullahs in Iran.

On the manufacturing side of the venture, the thinking trends to the development of the “Cosmetic Supporter for the Transgender Individual”. The thinking is no one should feel bereft of the comfort of belonging to their newly adopted identity.

Another state which has a strong Progressive culture also is Vermont. One has to know that is the whitest state in the U.S. much to their chagrin. Now the Progressives intend to alter some what this stain on what they consider their Flag.

Drooling VT (Sirup Drips) This hamlet located midpoint between Victory, Guildhall and Granby is far enough from the elite Progressives so they don’t have to associate with them. This area allows for the erection of an edifice dedicated to “Black Studies”.

Since Vermont highly favors a ‘Living Wage’ this philosophy mill will pay any and all employed by the “Black Studies Foundation for Black Lives Matter”. Because for-profit establishments are forbidden in Vermont, funding will be by taxing profits from businesses, interest and dividends from banks paid to individuals and corporations.

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Collectivist Banking

How much longer do you believe this idiocy can continue? We have debased the currency to the point where the Government plays games with the Fed to keep interest rates low while lying about there being no inflation.
They can squander the money on worthless programs to keep themselves in office, or fess up and pay that money on soaring interest rates on the growing debt. You seen the choice they made.

The big question is,

“Why keep voting for them?”

No inflation. Pssst…I have this bridge you might be interested in…from Rico

Inflation? What inflation?
There’s NO inflation here! That’s why the 2017 COLA increased by only 0.3% [for Congress and Common Core math students that is 3/10 of ONE percent.]

But hey! Good news, in the last ten years (1996-2016) TV prices have fallen by 100%.

Rejoice happy debt slaves.
Your beloved FED (that privately owned, for-profit bank) is staying under it’s inflation rate target of 2%.

Never you mind that the consumer items indexed on the attached charts reflects an overall inflation rate of +57.1%.

  • Food and Housing are up >50%.
  • Health Care and Child Care are up >100%.
  • College Tuition is up >200%.

Feeling better now?

Have you figured out how all this happened? Look back to LBJ’s “Great Society”. LBJ had to pay for the Viet Nam War; he didn’t want to take any tax dollars to fund that since his agenda required increased spending as is.

There was a Pot o’ Gold to be had and the Congress gave it to him: The Social Security Fund. The Fund was removed from it’s protected place and put into the general fund and spent on the war, his failed Great Society and every social program that Congressional members found for their districts. The Fund never was put back into it’s protected place. Now Social Security is failing too.

If the SS fund were to be removed from the General Fund, the National Debt would soar, spending would have to be curtailed AND taxes go up considerably. All because of American’s greed for current FREE lifestyle and still wanting a future payoff too.

You’re not going to get it.


Given that the EPA wants to control just about every aspect of your life, We here at Vermont Loon Watch believe they should have the best tools available at the lowest cost to the American taxpayer.
For water test kits, each field water sampling engineer needs to be supplied with the finest assortment of Flavor Straws.

Let them slurp and suck the pond and river waters to their hearts content and arriving back at the lab, they can give a first hand report on water quality. If necessary, an emesis bag for sample collecting can be made part of the kit.
Since all these individuals claim to be scientists, we doubt it necessary to remind them to keep their shot records up to date; Typhus, Typhoid, Cholera are important. Amoebic dysentery giardia, a variety of parasitic worms and some more of the rarer types should be noted as possible infections. There are prophylactics for most of these, be aware and be safe. We don’t want anything to happen to our EPA staffers.

All new employees of the EPA shall be required to start their EPA careers in the water quality section. After five years of genuine field work, they will advance to standing and occasional water (non-navigational) such as found in lawns and driveways.
With all this experience, they should be expert at identifying such bodies of wetness tat even waterfowl eschew.

Go get’em Social Justice Warriors!