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In a perfect world, this would be the cast of “The View.”

Toon in

Toon in

Peccable reflections

As Layoffs Arrive,

Disney and Fox Staff

Voice Frustrations

Multiple employees say that Disney has been less than forthcoming about who will be let go and when.

There will be no joy in the FOX camp.

Left: ‘Beating ’em like they own ’em’…from Rico

Many were ‘bemused’ (if not ‘surprised’) at FOX’s sudden sharp Left turn. [Think: Brazile, Ryan.]
– Simple, follow the MONEY…$66.1 billion to be precise.

That’s what the flaming Caviar Communist Lefturds at Disney paid for ownership/control of FOX.
– If you can’t beat ’em like you ‘own ’em’, then buy ’em and literally ‘own ’em’!

Just another example of the corrosive Left destroying everything it touches…
– Socialist Assholes!

Collectivist Banking

One peek at the national checkbook should convince you that all isn’t well. The balance is near zero and lenders now may have had enough of buying T-Bills to cause concern.

Foreigner Boycott Of US Treasurys Continues: 7Y Auction Indirects Tumble To 3 Year Low

Following the earlier collapse in Indirect bidders in this week’s 2Y auction, and the spike in the Direct takedown in yesterday’s 5Y auction, today’s sale of $32 billion in 7Y paper saw a continuation of both of these recent trends.

First the good news: the auction stopped at a high yield of 2.538%, stopping through the When Issued 2.547% by a whopping 0.9bps, while the yield was the lowest since December 2017, and well below last month’s 2.625% as one by one rates traders expect the Fed to start cutting rates soon.

The internals were not nearly as strong, however, with the Bid to Cover rising to 2.60, up from 2.54% in January and above the 6 month average of 2.51. More importantly, there were continuing signs of a foreign bidder boycott, if not nearly as harsh as the one observed during the 2Y auction earlier this week, as Indirects took down only 55.2%, below the 58.3% in January, and the lowest Indirect print since the 47.1% in December 2015. Directs, meanwhile, surged just like in yesterday’s 5Year auction, rising to 28.4%, the second highest on record, and just below the 32.6% Directs in March 2014. This means that dealers were left with just 16.4%, the lowest since the 11.7% in January 2018.

Overall, another concerning auction, one where the fading in foreign demand continued to be offset by Direct bidders, although the question is what happens if and when Direct buyers join Indirects in boycotting US auctions, leaving only Dealers, who already have near record high holdings of US paper, to fund Uncle Sam. When that happens, look for a quick and painful market crash as the Fed will be desperate for cover to start another round of deficit monetization, also known as QE.

We have been living high on the hog; we may have to butcher that pig and walk home. Others in the past from Thatcher and Churchhill have warned about running out of Other Prople’s Money (OPM) someday. That someday may be in our not to distant future.
How would you like to live in a place like Cuba or Venezuela. The prophylactic for this is called: The GOLD STANDARD.
we’ve been over this before. Gold is still worth what it was in 1970; $35.00/oz. The price of gold has not risen to over $1400/oz. The value of the dollar has been debased to the point of near worthlessness.

Don’t like this reality? Vote the bastards out of office and put in fiscal conservatives.

Day by Day

Pravda West

Biased Agendas

It seems that the Smollet case is taking a turn that the State Owned Media doesn’t like. All those premature gotcha moments now are toe stubers that make them out to be fools and worse.

First one needs to see how those Nigerian brothers look through CNN classes.

Then there are those ‘fair’ minded Jackass Senators and Congress critters that leaped to the conclusion of a hate crime by some MAGA hat wearing nasties out to get a poor actor.
Now they’re standing there with bigot stamped on their forehead.

Today, anything that you see or read in the media demands that one hold opinions for at least 24 hours; better yet wait 48 hours.

Ponder this

A free press can, of course, be good or bad, but, most certainly without freedom, the press will never be anything but bad.

~ Albert Camus