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The Mushwits at CNN just can’t let go that the cow, Hillary, lost and even more so that the Country rejected her. CNN is down in the basement hanging out in their ‘Whine Seller’.

CNN: It’s Racist That Trump

Said A Democrat Can’t Win…

In A Deep Red State

Donald Trump just infests the minds of the night hosts of CNN. Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon pretty much said it was racist that President Donald Trump suggested a liberal Democrat couldn’t fit in with deep red Mississippi’s electoral fabric. This wasn’t going to be Alabama-Roy Moore reloaded, liberal America. It just wasn’t. Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-MI), who beat Democrat Mike Espy in the runoff this week, isn’t the best candidate. In fact, she’s very much flawed, but she doesn’t have sexual misconduct allegations hanging around her neck in the way Moore did. Even when she made some dumb remarks about a public hanging, the race was still very much in the GOP’s court. She wasn’t going to lose. So, yeah—Donald Trump was right: a liberal Democrat can’t fit in with Mississippi’s red state identity. Cuomo looped in with Lemon later that night. The runoff was this past Tuesday (via Newsbusters):

In the middle of CNN’s Election Night coverage during Cuomo Prime Time, host Chris Cuomo turned to senior political reporter Nia-Malika Henderson and asked her if she saw Trump’s comment as purely racist. “Do you see this as just a left/right play, or was this an allusion to something else also known as color,” he instructed her.

At first, Henderson lamented: “Yeah, I mean, it’s hard to give Donald Trump the benefit of the doubt in instances like this…” (Apparently, it was difficult not to mischaracterize what was actually said.) Though clearly reluctant, she did admit that “in this context, he was talking about the idea that Mike Espy is a Democrat.” [snip]

Ok, well, Republicans can live in San Francisco, but do they really fit in? The same goes for New York City and the rest of the liberal Northeast. The entire Acela Corridor is not an area where you’ll see strong conservative bastions; it’s all insufferable snobby liberal elites. Conservatives won’t fit in these areas, politically, but they sure as hell can live there. No one is barred from living in any part of this country due to political stances. They may be the odd person out, but whatever. If they decide to run, yes, they will probably lose—and lose heavily. A liberal Democrat isn’t going to represent Mississippi in my lifetime. Sen. Doug Jones (D-AL) is only there because the Republican nominee, Moore, was just that awful. Jones better be job-hunting come next year because he is not winning re-election, barring another round of the GOP shooting themselves in the foot by nominating someone terrible again. I live in the liberal northern Virginia suburbs. Politically, the people around here suck—and suck hard. I don’t fit in concerning the political fabric—it’s all Democrats here—but I can still live here. Let’s take it down a few notches, CNN. It wasn’t like this was a race.  If they really want to discuss things that are disconcerting with regards to race, look at the survey that shows white liberals dumbing themselves down when interacting with minoritiesbecause they think they’re incompetent. That’s pretty…racist.

Here’s a new hat to set them screeching again.

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These are the persons who threaten to leave the country if X or Y wins instead of some peckerwood Democrat.

Actor Alec Baldwin, 60, has been arrested for assault in New York City on Friday

Hotheaded actor Alec Baldwin is speaking out following his arrest for allegedly punching a New Yorker who stole his parking spot in a expletive-filled outburst on Friday.

Hours after he was taken into the New York Police Department’s 6th Precinct near his Greenwich Village home, he was released and returned to his penthouse. Then the 60-year-old actor took to Twitter to clear his name, claiming he never threw any punches. [snip]

The incident unfolded at a parking spot on E. 10th St near the intersection with University Place, a block east of Fifth Avenue at 1.30pm.

Sources say one of Baldwin’s family members was holding the spot when Wojciech Cieszkowski, 49, of Pearl River, New York, driving a black Saab station wagon pulled into the spot, according to Page Six. 

Baldwin lives in a multi-million dollar penthouse on the same street with his wife, Hilaria Baldwin, and their four young children.

The two men got into an argument and when Cieszkowski headed to the meter to pay, Baldwin allegedly bolted up to him and punched him.  Police said the two pushed each other before Baldwin got aggressive.

A witness told that Baldwin yelled, ‘F*** off’ during the fight.

‘He was minding his business and all of a sudden, [Baldwin] just punched him,’ the witness said. [snip]

Baldwin, just get out and take your ratty kids and your Cosmo reading wife with you. That would make America “Great Again”.


Here’s another Bimbo who actually won’t leave either.

Barbra Streisand ‘Thinking About’ Moving to Canada If Democrats Don’t Win House

Singer Barbra Streisand said she might move to Canada if the Democrats don’t win control of the U.S. House in this year’s mid-term election.

When asked during an interview with The New York Times how she was feeling these days, she said she’s been that losing sleep.

“I want to sleep nights, if we take the House I’ll be able to sleep a little bit better,” she said.

Streisand was asked what she would do if the Democrats don’t win the House.

“Don’t know. I’ve been thinking about, do I want to move to Canada? I don’t know. I’m just so saddened by this thing happening to our country. It’s making me fat. I hear what he said now, and I have to go eat pancakes now, and pancakes are very fattening. We make them with healthy flour, though — almond flour, coconut flour,” she said. [snip]

She’s been threatening to leave since Bush #43 was elected. Go north. You can sing “Au Cannabis” with the rest of the pothead Canucks. We won’t miss you.


Another idiot idea from inside the Beltway.

Washington, DC, could let 16-year-olds vote for president

The Washington, D.C., City Council is preparing to vote on a bill to lower the voting age to 16 for all elections, both local and federal.

WTOP-FM reports the bill won 3-0 approval in the Judiciary and Public Safety committee Thursday and will get a final vote before the full council this month.

The 26th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution guarantees citizens 18 and older the right to vote, but scholars have said it doesn’t prevent a state, or in this case, the nation’s capital, from setting a lower age.

Council member Charles Allen says his bill will “enfranchise the District’s young people and bring their voices into the political process.”

This is attempting to load up on young voters who will vote communist. This, of course, hopes they will put down ‘Game Boy’ and stop the self-abuse long enough to emerge from the pot fog and find out what month it is.


All this noise should tell you that the polls are lying.

DEM PANIC? Ocasio-Cortez calls Trump ‘monster’, Biden threatens violence, wild-eyed Obama’s voice cracks during rant

With the critical midterm elections taking place on Tuesday, it appears Democrats are starting to panic.

In recent weeks, Democrats and many in the mainstream media have largely blamed President Donald Trump’s “rhetoric” for incivility across the country. Yet, several prominent Democrats have made incendiary — and sometimes violent — comments about their Republican counterparts.

On Wednesday, New York Democratic candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sent out a bizarre email demanding Democrats “push back” against Republicans and Trump, who she referred to as “cold-hearted monsters.”

In a very lengthy email, the self-described socialist vowed to protect voters from “white supremacist forces” that she claims are terrorizing Americans under Trump. [snip]

Ocasio-Cortez sending out arguably one of the most bizarre political emails ever comes as several other prominent Democrats have made controversial comments.

On Thursday, former Vice President Joe Biden suggested during a campaign rally that a union boss should beat up a GOP lawmaker.

While stumping for struggling Democratic Sen. Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, Biden appeared to encourage a union president to use physical violence against GOP Rep. Kevin Cramer. [snip]

Last Friday, former President Barack Obama also appeared very worried about getting Democrats out to vote on Tuesday.

While speaking during a rally in Wisconsin for Democratic candidates, the former president launched into a bizarre rant when trying to attack the president without his teleprompter, his voice cracking.

After accusing Trump and Republicans of “shamelessly lying” about the migrant caravan marching toward the United States, he implied the issue wasn’t a big deal ahead of the election. [snip]

Tuesday is going to be one hell of a night. There will be hair fires and wailing in the darkness.