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Is Roy Moore guilty?


Of course he is: Four Felonies. Of which none are being mentioned in the press due to the swirl of minor accusations being bandies about daily. In some parts of Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi, marrying your first cousin, diddling your sister or touching the occasional sheep is not uncommon. You might have to wander back into the swamp a bit or down that narrow dirt road but oh well.

However of all the gossip, slander and libel flung about God fearing Roy, no one has accused him of touching sheep, getting next to his sister (if he even has one) or chasing his first cousin. NO-NO-NO, he’s done far worse.


They want to hang him for beating one of their own, one Luther Strange, a confirmed sycophant of the Wall Street donor crowd and a bum buddy of the GOP elite. Ole Luther was a by golly yes man for McConnell and Roy certainly wasn’t.
So they’re all on board with the honking some 13 y/o boobs because they don’t dare go near those Four Felonies.


More than half of them are hiding some new perversion they worked out in the Senate cloakroom or in the House men’s room. The last person they want in the Senate is someone who will vote against the stench of Progressiveism and amoral legislation.
They too will not bring up the Four Felonies for which they have convicted Roy without a trial. Instead they collected an array of tarts, strumpets, doxies, trollops and Democrat campaign workers (pardon the redundancy) to rise up from the distant past to point fingers. None of which are related to the Judge nor look like sheep. We cannot vouch for their pulchritude.


This is the Choral Group for the Donkey Party. They’ll sing the refrain for any accusation and when necessary form an a Capella platoon and march of in many directions.
They too will not mention the Four Felonies.


Judge Moore:

  1. had a Bible in the Courtroom.
  2. had the Ten Commandments in the Courthouse Lobby
  3. is a Christian
  4. is WHITE

To the Left, the third is a capital crime and the fourth is despicable.
None of the above mentioned antagonists dare bring up these reasons but one knows how Roy Moore would vote in the Senate on any legislation concerning a variety of socially and politically correct nonsense.

The idea of having someone vote their conscience and moral convictions as the voters elected them to do upsets the feckless bastards in Congress, who sold their souls for pottage two days after election day.

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