The wild and woolly shouting matches occurring in DC are nothing more than the last grunts of the GOPe. Bannon was right to get out of the White House; he can raise more hell from the outside and put as stake through the black heart of the RINO Senate.

This maneuver by Bannon at this time puts the GOPe is a bind. Those wishing not to vote on Trump’s agenda of immigration, tax cuts and ObamaCare are going to be faces with the primary season opponents who will support Trump’s agenda. The voters want it; the GOPe know this so this push into the small corner where they have to fish or cut bait is going to be highly amusing to the electorate in November this year.
What you are seeing and hearing is the call for the formation of a new Party, a third party to take the place of moribund GOP.

Bannon Declares War On GOP Establishment: “We’re Coming After All Of Them And We’re Going To Win”

On Monday’s edition of Hannity, Breitbart executive chairman and former Trump adviser Steve Bannon talked about his plan to challenge every Republican Senator up for re-election in 2018 in the primary, except Sen. Ted Cruz. Bannon said Republican incumbents have committed “economic hate crimes” against the “forgotten man.”

Bannon said he is declaring “war” on the Republican establishment and those that don’t back what President Trump ran on. He said there is a “new game in town” and promised to “cut off the oxygen” to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and stop his fundraising for establishment candidates. Bannon said any person running for the Senate in 2018 that wants his support must oppose McConnell as the Republican Leader.

The Breitbart chief gave a warning to all incumbents: “Just voting is not good enough. You have to have a sense of urgency. Nobody is safe. We are coming after all of them and we’re going to win.” [snip]

Bannon on the coalition to go after the Republican establishment:

BANNON: They have to understand. There’s a basic agenda that President Trump rand on and won. He carried states that Republicans haven’t carried in living memory — Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania. This agenda works. The American people voted for it. It’s their responsibility.

By the way, McConnell would not be Majority Leader unless Trump won in North Carolina and Missouri and Wisconsin was able to carry those Senators across the finish line. It is incumbent upon them to back President Trump’s plan but you don’t see it.

Once you saw what Corker said today, it’s what they talk about. That’s why I left the White House. Remember, I said I’m going after the Republican establishment. And we’re going to go after them. We’re going to go after them and challenge them.

HANNITY: Give me the states.

BANNON: There’s a coalition coming together. It’s going to challenge every Republican incumbent except for Ted Cruz. Whether it’s Utah, Wyoming, whether it’s in Oregon.

HANNITY: Orrin Hatch in Utah.

BANNON: Orrin Hatch in Utah. Today, Boyd Matheson, who is the chief of staff for Mike Lee came out and said he’s going to set up and an exploratory committee.

HANNITY: North Dakota.

BANNON: In North Dakota we don’t have that…

By the way, we’re going in Mississippi against Wicker.

HANNITY: Who are you going to pick? McDaniel?

BANNON: McDaniel in Mississippi.

These names are all going to come out in the next several weeks.

[Kansas Senator Jerry] Moran. [Orrin] Hatch in Utah. The chief of staff for Mike Lee said he will set up an exploratory committee. In North Dakota. In Mississippi.


Big Spenders

Once more a Blue State shows us how to put on the Ritz and then pass the buck to the next sucker in the line.

Billions in Illinois bills not sent for payment

Illinois is chasing a moving target as it tries to dig out of the nation’s worst budget crisis, and a review obtained by The Associated Press shows $7.5 billion worth of unpaid bills — as much as half the total — hadn’t been sent to the official who writes the checks by the end of June.

Although many of those IOUs have since been paid, a similar amount in unprocessed bills has replaced them in the last three months, Comptroller Susana Mendoza’s office said Monday. That’s in addition to $9 billion worth of checks that are at the office but being delayed because the state lacks the money to pay them.

The mound of past-due bills tripled over the two years Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner and Democrats who control the General Assembly were locked in a budget stalemate, which ended in July when lawmakers hiked income taxes over Rauner’s vetoes.

In some cases, agencies were waiting to send their receipts to Mendoza because lawmakers haven’t approved the spending. For example, the Department of Corrections had $471 million in unpaid bills on hand as of June 30 largely for that reason.

“Ascertaining the precise nature of the state’s past-due obligations and liabilities is an essential component of responsible cash and debt management,” the Democratic comptroller wrote in a letter to Republican Rep. David McSweeney, a budget hawk from Barrington Hills who requested the review.

Mendoza and McSweeney plan to use the findings to urge lawmakers to override Rauner’s veto of legislation that would require monthly reporting of bills not yet submitted for processing. The measure, authored by Mendoza’s office, would include a breakdown of how old each bill is and which ones have received legislative approval to be paid.

“The governor supports more transparency on the state of our finances,” Rauner spokesman Hud Englehart said in an email to AP. “He vetoed this bill because the State does not have adequate technology in place to cost effectively provide this information monthly.”

The age of bills is important because many that are 90 days or older face a 1 percent-per-month late-payment fee; about $5.5 billion of the current $15.9 billion backlog is subject to the penalty. Mendoza estimates the state will ultimately pay $900 million in late-payment fees on the existing pile of debt. [snip]

The way the Jackass Party members look at this is we shall just raise taxes more to pay the late fees. It isn’t our money anyway. The taxpayers will foot the bill like they have in the past.

That wonderful but elusive “Radiant Future”

Ever since the Glorious October Revolution, the Liberals, Socialists, Communists, Progressives one and all have made promises of a future where everyone is equal, wise, well fed and comfortable. Of course in practice, it is only the elite that are living that life style.

Witness Uncle Bernie, the Savior of Vermont, who owns four houses and lives of the largess of the taxpayers. His wife managed to drive two colleges into fiscal turmoil one ending in bankruptcy and eventually dragging her into court on fraud charges. Some Radiant Future for those students. They received bupkis. But this Communist has grand visions for you and the Country, not just Vermont.

Uncle Bernie wants to have the grand SPHC, which Vermont Progressives already rejected as so expensive, the Progressives said they couldn’t afford it. California rejected it because they couldn’t afford it; they are a mental box of rocks when it comes to finances. He wants to lay it on Medicare/Medicaid so that the taxpayers get crushed.
Sen. Sanders cares not that Venezuela is trying the same crap that the Soviet Union and Cuba tried with the same results.

If you can’t get it to work in a Century, do you think it will work by trying for another 100 years?
Socialists have an enormous case of the STUPIDS.


The job losses due to the storms will affect the service industry for some time to come as cleanup does take time.
What remains to be seen is the pickup is the construction and related industries. There should be a short term boom there.

US lost 33,000 jobs in Sept, vs 90,000 jobs increase expected

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma damaged not only Texas and Florida but also the U.S. jobs picture, as payrolls fell by 33,000 in September. That drop came even as the unemployment rate fell to a 16-year low of 4.2 percent, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Friday.

The jobs loss was the first monthly decline in seven years, when the economy was still pulling out of the Great Recession.

Even with the surprise jobs number, the closely watched hourly wages figure jumped higher, to an annualized rate of 2.9 percent.

 Economists surveyed by Reuters expected payroll growth of 90,000 in September, compared with 169,000 in August. The unemployment rate was expected to hold steady at 4.4 percent. It declined even as the labor-force participation rate rose to 63.1 percent, its highest level all year and the best reading since March 2014.

“The lousy returns from the September jobs report will make little impression on observers, who essentially gave the labor market a free pass due to the impact of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma,” said Curt Long, chief economist at the National Association of Federally Insured Credit Unions. [snip]

The BLS reported that average hourly earnings were up by 12 cents on the month to $26.55, equating to a 2.9 percent gain for the year. That’s well above the 2 percent target the Federal Reserve sets for healthy inflation growth, meaning that the central bank is more likely to approve another interest rate hike at its December meeting.

Cognitive dissonance

Tax cuts only


benefit big earners

If you aren’t making any money, you aren’t paying any income taxes. Now how in hell can a tax cut affect you? All the clangor and hollering about taxes is nothing but political BS to distract you from the real issue: Those clowns in DC aren’t doing anything to solve the deficit.

If they really want to help the lower and middle classes, they would get rid of the excessive fees and taxes on the phones, Internet, tires, textiles, Federal excise taxes on coffee liquor and tobacco. Get rid of the inheritance (death) tax.

As for the Income Tax, make it a flat 15% on all income including interest and dividends; no deductions for anything. Everybody pays the 15% big earners will pay more. Progressives don’t like it because it is FAIR.

No corporate tax; they don’t pay that anyway, you do. That is passed through to you as a cost of doing business. You pay that tax when you buy the product or service. You get their tax on income from money paid out as wages and not put into the business for expansion. The rest is paid out to stockholders as dividends; that is collected in their taxes.

Can you tell me why this cannot be accomplished? There isn’t any reason except recalcitrance on the part of the likes of Sens. McCain, Corker, Murkowski, Collins and Paul. Why are these individuals reelected again and again?

We know why the Democrats won’t vote to change the system. They don’t believe it is your money.

Laissez le bon temps rouler

Hey! It’s dé jà vu all over again. In another very blue state, who would have guessed. Must be some sort of contagion, a fiscal disease that only attacks Progressives.

Back to the drawing board as lawmakers pass on overriding Malloy’s budget veto

The budget stalemate continues after the House failed to vote Tuesday to override Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s veto of a Republican-crafted budget that was approved last month.

The outcome resulted in accusations of political posturing from Republicans and Democrats as budget negotiations are now just days away from what appears to be another deadline.

Malloy said that with scheduling conflicts for lawmakers ahead, the legislature would likely need to adopt a budget by Oct. 13 to avoid having the stalemate stretch into December.

House Speaker Joe Aresimowicz, D-Berlin, called the House into session Tuesday to consider an override of Malloy’s veto of the Republican budget. The legislature adopted the budget on Sept. 15 with support from eight Democrats, but Malloy vetoed the plan last Thursday. [snip]

Republicans admitted they didn’t have the votes Tuesday to override Malloy’s veto — they need 24 additional votes in the House for a two-thirds majority — but said they could get support over time.

“Sitting down with Democrats, it’s very clear there’s a lack of understanding of what our budget does and what is in our budget,” Rep. Vincent Candelora, R-North Branford, said. “Dialogue is important.”

This get even more humorous as time passed. On one side are the pointy heads of the university, colleges, faculty and staff and schools, elementary and high in the towns all saying they want increased funding with no cuts while the government is running out of Other People’s Money (OPM).
This is the classic Socialist bind. Raise taxes and people vote with their feet; don’t and you run out of money.
Socialist always want the Federal Government to control the state funding so people can’t move to avoid gouging taxes.

Big Spenders

It doesn’t make any difference to which party a politician belongs, they all want to spend your money.

Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner Signs Law Forcing Illinois Taxpayers to Pay For Abortions

Illinois taxpayers will now be forced to pay for abortions under a new law signed Thursday by Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner, which mandates the procedure be covered under the state’s Medicaid programs and for all state government employees.

The new law, which was approved by the state legislature back in May, will go into effect barring a court order.

After signing the bill into law, Rauner said while he “respects those who believe abortion is morally wrong,” he believes all women should have the right to prematurely kill their unborn children if they decide it’s the best choice for them – even those who can’t afford to do so on their own.

“I do not think it’s fair to deny poor women the choice that wealthy women have.”[snip]

Of course, what Rauner conveniently omits is that all women in Illinois – whether wealthy or poor – already had the “choice” to voluntarily terminate their pregnancies well before this new law came around. What they didn’t have, however, was the state-sanctioned ability to force other people, including those who morally oppose abortion as murder, to pay for it. (emphasis added)

And it looks like Rauner’s fellow Republicans in the state legislature aren’t too happy about his decision to approve the new law, which he’d originally said he would veto. [snip]

Pro-life group Illinois Right to Life estimates the new law will result in about 12,000 more babies losing their lives through abortion each year.

 According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, only 15 other states cover abortion services under their state Medicaid programs. Oregon, which has long since provided taxpayer-funded abortions for low-income women, recently expanded their own program to force taxpayers to cover free abortions with no cost-sharing for all women in the state, including illegal aliens.

Every “SWELL” idea that the Socialists produce always forces people to enjoy the benefits.