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Today’s Ponder This sums up the realthinking behind the Left’s desires. The Seven Deadly Sins are the drivers of the Left and to the shame of the voting public, they’re gullible and greedy enough to want a life of womb security.

Of course, that is fallacious with the new reality of post birth abortions. The next step is a weaponized government that can kill anyone for the most minor of reasons, such as contribution of methane to the atmosphere via flatulence.
To wit:

The welfare of the people in particular has always been the alibi of tyrants.

~ Albert Camus

The mantra of ‘FREE EVERYTHING’ does appeal to the individuals of a lesser IQ. Those ‘voters’ never grasp that “TANSTAAFL” is a myth born of the adherence to three of those aforementioned “sins”: Sloth, Greed and Envy.

This is the end product of such thinking.

Illegal Immigration

Illegal Immigration

Ponder this

If you have ten thousand regulations you destroy all respect for the law.

~Winston Churchill


The warm fuzzy feeling for the goodness of Globalization dissipates rapidly when one gets to sniff the gift offered.

CPUSA and the $15/hr wage

In politics, stupidity is not a handicap. ~ Napoleon Bonaparte

The Communist Vermont Legislature believe that the State knows best and they are going to pay back those that vote for them. Everyone else – BOHICA.

From the Vermont Eagle

Seniors vs. the $15 min. wage

The $15 minimum wage is an increasingly hot topic in the election debates.

Proponents have faith that artificially increasing the cost of labor will be a benefit to low-wage workers.

Opponents can point to evidence that the $15 minimum wage will force employers to lay off employees, cut hours or go out of business entirely, damaging the overall economy. But the group that will be hurt and here’s why.

According to UVM economist Art Woolf, a majority of Vermonters living below the poverty line do not work. That’s 31,000 non-working poor. [snip]

Businesses would have to pass on the higher cost of labor to their customers in the form of higher prices for goods and services.

Senior citizens living on fixed incomes would, therefore, have to pay more for things like food, nursing care, household help, and so on, with no boost in income to help cover those costs. In other words, fixed incomes would not stretch as far under a $15 minimum wage.

State Sen. Richard Westman, R-Lamoille, raised an example from his own life experience in that he would no longer be able to afford in-home nursing care for his aging parent if the $15 minimum wage became law.

Westman also noted that Lamoille Home Health and Hospice would have to raise or charge an extra $80,000 to cover wage increases for their visiting nurses, and that money will have to come from someone, most likely in the form of higher bills to the people in need of the service.

Vermont is the second oldest state in the union when it comes to the average age of its residents, which would mean implementing this experiment here would come with a disproportionately high level of pain.

Turning the page will give you the ‘adjustment’ for seniors: A tax rise on businesses to subsidize the below poverty line residents.
The money has to come from somewhere so the Communists will go after anyone making a profit. In Vermont, that is a felony worse than wearing a straw boater after Labor Day.  (See Sartorial regulations for the Legislators and the rich.)

Vermont has much more in common with Venezuela than just the letter V.