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Hell lies at the bottom of the human heart.

~ Ross MacDonald


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Cretins, Morons and Dolts

Here’s a effervescent example of the uneducated, but heavily indoctrinated idiots being turned out by the public schools. They have no concept of how moronic they sound. Worse they’re too dull to realize it.

This mushwit has been the new luminary of the CNN fools, who use him to bang the drum for gun control. Hogg needs to be muzzled before he commits suicide when he becomes aware of his stupidity.

And That’s When The Mic Was Taken Away: David Hogg Thought Canadians Could Donate Money To American Political Campaigns

Well, David Hogg (yeah, remember him) is back at it again. This time forgetting whom his audience was at a premiere for Michael Moore’s latest film Fahrenheit 11/9, which deals with the 2016 election. [snip]

Well, he wasn’t as effective in Toronto, Canada, where he seemed to forget that he was…in Canada. He told the audience to turn their “shame” into action by voting…in American elections. Oh, and he didn’t know that Canadians couldn’t donate to American political campaigns. That’s illegal, something that even Moore pointed out before taking the microphone away from Hogg. Moore’s film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival this month (via Real Clear Politics):

“I have a question for you guys: Who’s ready to save America? Who’s ready to make America the country we say it is on paper and make it the actual country that it wants to be?,” Hogg asked the Canadian crowd. “I think the most important thing to realize, however, is the problems we face as a country, whether it be water in Flint, Michigan or the amount of mass incarceration of people of color that can’t vote.”

“In Florida, the number of African-Americans who can’t vote because of a previous conviction is 21%. In Kentucky, it is 26%. In Alabama, it is 15-16%. These are people of color who have been historically discriminated against and still are to this day.”

“Turn that shame into your vote!” Hogg said, waiting a moment before adding: “If you’re not Canadian.”

“I think Canadians can donate to political campaigns in the U.S.? They can’t? Well, uhh, vote here. Learn from us, don’t let this happen here. We’ll need to come to you guys if we stay on this track.”

Fahrenheit 11/9 deals with the Trump era, and how liberals hope they can boot Trump. Moore had the same mindset with the Bush administration for 2004’s Fahrenheit 9/11. Bush won re-election, handily beating then-Sen. John Kerry (D-MA).

Yup, here’s the next candidate for the House, thrusting his ignorance in the face of the electorate.
He’ll be the new prurient melding of Sen. Booker and Rep Waters.

The Jackasses deserve him;
DC doesn’t.

Day by Day


Any time you place money in the hands of strangers, don’t expect a return on investment, much a return of investment. Cryptocurrencies are much like the US dollar; A fiat currency with no set value and now getting a devaluation.

Crypto Wipeout Deepens to $640 Billion as Ether Leads Declines

The cryptocurrency bear market plumbed a fresh 10-month low on Monday as Bitcoin’s biggest rival tumbled and U.S. regulators suspended trading in two securities linked to digital assets.

Ether, the second-largest virtual currency, slumped 11 percent from its level at 5 p.m. New York time on Friday, according to Bloomberg composite pricing. Bitcoin declined 2.4 percent, while the market capitalization of digital assets tracked by CoinMarketCap.com shrank to about $197 billion — down almost $640 billion from its January peak.

Cryptocurrencies have declined for five of the past six weeks amid concern that a broader adoption of digital assets will take longer than some had anticipated. That worry was underscored over the weekend after the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission temporarily suspended trading in two exchange-traded notes linked to cryptocurrencies and Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin told Bloomberg that the days of explosive growth in the blockchain industry have likely come and gone.

“The temporary suspension of these products led to an initial knee-jerk reaction,” said Ryan Rabaglia, head of trading at cryptocurrency dealing firm OSL in Hong Kong. “But ultimately, it’s just another obstacle for the market to overcome.”

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Certified Loonies

Historical happenings

9/9/1786 George Washington calls for the abolition of slavery.

9/9/1942 ~ A Japanese float plane, launched from a submarine, makes its first bombing run on a U.S. forest near Brookings, Oregon.

9/9/1956 ~ Elvis Presley makes his first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show; cameras focus on his upper torso and legs to avoid showing his pelvis gyrations, which many Americans—including Ed Sullivan—thought unfit for a family show.