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Historical happenings

6/27/1778 ~ Liberty Bell returns home to Philadelphia after the British departure

6/27/1893 ~ Great stock crash on NY stock exchange

6/27/1942 ~ FBI captures 8 Nazi saboteurs from a sub off NY’s Long Island

Historical happenings

6/26/1284 ~ Pied Piper lures 130 children of Hamelin away (actually happened)

6/26/1848 ~ 1st pure food law enacted in US

6/26/1896 ~ 1st movie theater in the US opens – Vitascope Hall in New Orleans, charging 10 cents for admission

Ponder this

When businesses affirmatively like regulations, that’s when to reach for your wallet.

~ Timothy Noah

Stilton’s Place

Stilton’s Place

Dropping Death Charges

The good news on Friday was that House Majority Whip Steve Scalise was moved out of intensive care following his attempted assassination by a rabid Democrat who had been whipped into a frenzy by hateful hyperbolic anti-Republican rhetoric.

The bad news is that on the very same day, Hillary Clinton sent sociopaths a fresh call to arms by tweeting “Forget death panels. If Republicans pass this (healthcare) bill, they’re the death party.”

At least when Trump tweets, there’s sort of an endearing lunacy at work. But with Hillary, it’s nothing but pure spite and malice intended to mislead, divide, distort, and inspire hate – and possibly political hate crimes. [snip]

Daily Insanity

3 More nuts than a Pecan Pie!

Whose line is it?

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