Historical happenings

12/14/1819 ~ Alabama is admitted as the 22nd state, making 11 slave states and 11 free states.

12/14/1909 ~ The Labor Conference in Pittsburgh ends with a “declaration of war” on U.S. Steel.

12/14/1980 ~ NATO warns the Soviets to stay out of the internal affairs of Poland, saying that intervention would effectively destroy the détente between the East and the West.


The Smartest Bunch of all

Our newest batch of Einsteins to graduate from whatever Institute of scholarship they attended were ejected with report cards containing all “A” grades. We are stunned! For after listening to them speak, hearing the level of grammar used and the extent of their vocabulary, one has to believe English and language skills were not part of the grading process. So what was subjected to course evaluation?

A’s on the rise in U.S. report cards, but SAT scores founder

The good news on America’s report cards: More high school teachers are handing out A’s. But the bad news is that students aren’t necessarily learning more.

Recent findings show that the proportion of high school seniors graduating with an A average — that includes an A-minus or A-plus — has grown sharply over the past generation, even as average SAT scores have fallen.

In 1998, it was 38.9%. By last year, it had grown to 47%.

That’s right: Nearly half of America’s Class of 2016 are A students. Meanwhile, their average SAT score fell from 1,026 to 1,002 on a 1,600-point scale — suggesting that those A’s on report cards might be fool’s gold. [snip]

But that’s not always translating into more college diplomas. A recent study by the Harvard Graduate School of Education found that just 56% of college students complete a four-year degree within six years of entering college. For students who start at two-year colleges, it’s even worse: Just 29% earn a degree within three years.

Examining the academic transcripts of high school graduates in the 18-year period from 1998 to 2016, they found that the average grade point average (GPA) rose from 3.27 to 3.38, even as the average SAT score dropped.

Actually, they said, the upward creep is most pronounced in schools with large numbers of white, wealthy students. And its especially noticeable in private schools, where the rate of inflation was about three times higher than in public schools.

Hurwitz said an A is now “the modal high school grade,” a solid sign of grade inflation.

He said one of the goals of the research is to “make sure that college admissions professionals are equipped to make the best decisions possible.”

But he said high schools are increasingly moving away from class ranking, a traditional metric that helps colleges figure out which students are really achieving above their peers.

Lee said previous research has tied high school GPA to the National Assessment of Educational Progress, a widely respected standardized test administered by the federal government. But the new research is the first to draw such a direct line between GPA and SAT scores. [snip]

He recently told USA TODAY that A’s are now three times more common than they were in 1960.

Rojstaczer has said grade inflation became more prevalent during the Vietnam War era, when professors began awarding higher grades to prevent students from being deployed, since students who dropped out of college were drafted into the military.

Laissez le bon temps rouler

jumping-inSomewhere in their shortened educational experience, the Low Information Crowd didn’t bother to take any economic courses or logic courses either. It shows.

Seattle Employees Demand: REDUCED HOURS

Seattle employees ask for REDUCED hours so that “jacked-up” minimum wage won’t cost them subsidized housing: Gee, who could have seen this coming…?

Now this is downright funny. They scream for a higher minimum wage, then, when they get it they complain because they make too much money to qualify for the free stuff, go figure. By jacking up minimum wage, Seattle has provided a valuable lesson in liberal economics. The plan has now backfired.

Nora Gibson, executive director of Full Life Care, told Seattle’s KIRO 7 TV she saw a sudden reaction from workers when Seattle’s phased minimum-wage ordinance took effect in April, bringing minimum wage to $11 an hour. She said anecdotally, some people feared they would lose their subsidized housing so they have asked that their work hours be reduced to remain eligible for all government subsidies.

It doesn’t stop at $11/hour. The law puts it up to $15 starting January 1, 2017, they will have to reduce their work hours even more to remain eligible for handouts. Good thing the minimum wage wasn’t raised even higher, most would not work at all, they prefer to be spoon fed and remain on the government plantation.

So now workers work fewer hours, but for the same take home pay, business’ labor costs increase so prices increase, buyers (workers) pay more and no one is better off.

Remember free market capitalism? Under that system, the harder and smarter you worked, the higher your standard of living. But that was found to result in income inequality, so now we have a system where wealth is bestowed by bureaucrats, and working harder doesn’t always make sense.

Just a little bit at a time until the American labor force is, for the lower paid workers non-existent. One will go into a fast food palace and deal with all variety of robotics. Will work for a lot less than $15/hr and won’t ask for a day off or get sick. And never unionize.

Daily Insanity


Mark Zuckerberg outlines Facebook’s ideas to battle fake news

Of course he did. Since he squelched and news carrying truthful news about the Clinton campaign, Obama’s fumblings and claimed other nasty news was ‘faked’, who else knows how to clean up their own dirt.

UK Researchers: Tax Food to Reduce Climate Change

Here’s an idea that actually can be implemented. All needs to be done is code their credit card with a special notation that taxes them just for this reason. They like it; they get to pay for it.

NY Democrat: Trump Should Pick Clinton As UN Ambassador

Absolutely! Why not give London or Berlin a chance for some Benghazi treatment. I one truly believes in equality, then anywhere from Oslo to Limerick should have their chance to be attacked. Who better to arrange their personal slaughter than Hillary? We can’t think of any one else.

CAIR Unhappy With Trump’s Reported Pick for National Security Adviser

Well now, that’s a bolt from the blue! Who ever thought CAIR would be upset with Trump’s anti-terrorist chief. Gen. Flynn is right when he said the news isn’t filled with people screaming “Jesus Christ” as they shoot up a mall or train. CAIR thinks it has a right to be pissed? There’s a plane leaving for Sandland several times a day. We’ll get you a seat on the wind.

Union Keeps Money for Itself, Lets Workers’ Pensions Erode

HA! This tune isn’t new in the union songbook. What is confusing is why the members keep paying dues. But they do. A lawyer, a court order to seize the accounts and then tell the union to ‘git’.

The Millennials

For all the cheering the Millennials give Bernie about socialism or as Bernie says, DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM, why haven’t any of them asked him what is happening in Venezuela. Better yet, why won’t Bernie speak to what is causing the failure?
Bernie's fans

Venezuelan Socialism Has Pretty Much Shut Down All Aspects Of Socioeconomic Life

Venezuela’s tryst with socialism continues to make its citizens suffer under lack of electricity, food, and medical supplies. The government, which provides essential services, is only working two-day workweeks. Inflation has soared through the stratosphere, only to be accompanied by widespread hunger. People have resorted to looting. There are reports of dogs, cats, and pigeons being hunted for food, while others tear through garbage cans looking for whatever they can find to eat. Under-stocked supermarkets have become tragic spectacles, as Venezuelans rush to get whatever they can find once the doors open. As for medical supplies, they’re scarce—with hospitals lacking basic items, like gloves and soap. Access to medicine is also a nightmare, impacting 200,000 Venezuelans living with chronic illnesses. In one tragic case, an eight-year-old-boy with Hodgkin’s lymphoma recently passed away since he couldn’t obtain the drugs he needed to survive.[snip]

The courts? Closed most days. The bureau to start a business? Same thing. The public defender’s office? That’s been converted into a food bank for government employees.

Step by step, Venezuela has been shutting down.

This country has long been accustomed to painful shortages, even of basic foods. But Venezuela keeps drifting further into uncharted territory.

In recent weeks, the government has taken what may be one of the most desperate measures ever by a country to save electricity: A shutdown of many of its offices for all but two half-days each week.

But that is only the start of the country’s woes. Electricity and water are being rationed, and huge areas of the country have spent months with little of either.

Many people cannot make international calls from their phones because of a dispute between the government and phone companies over currency regulations and rates. [snip]

So the question remains why Sanders, “The Man of the poor and the downtrodden”, all those that cannot speak for themselves won’t stand up and tell the Millennials what is wrong with Socialism in Venezuela. Of all people he must know, being the one most intimate with the workings of that perverse political system.

Well, corruption is a byproduct of authoritarian leftism. Not just in Bolivia, but other governments that aspire to the planned economy model. A model that force Bridgestone to abandon operations, Coca-Cola to stop production due to sugar shortages, and Lufthansa is set to suspend all flights to Venezuela because of the deteriorating situations in the country. In Venezuela, 21st Century Socialism has done nothing but relegate this country into nothing more than a burned out cinder.

The International Monetary Fund projects the Venezuelan economy to contact by eight percent his year, with a 500 percent surge in the inflation rate.

Viva La Revolución!

The entry level worker

For those who think that an entry level job should be a long term high paying ‘position’ are getting a very rude awaking. Not only are those jobs not going to be ‘high’ paying, they are going the way of the passenger pigeon and the dodo bird.

chocolate1And deservedly so are these jobs disappearing. The mandated minimum wage started it. Then ObamaCare came along causing the cut in hours. When the Unions figured they could pick up new members by organizing the $15/hr nonsense, the cost of automation suddenly became a feasible expense.

Many or you probably don’t remember the strikes in the fields by the tomato pickers. That pushed the price of the vegetable up considerably. Growers answered over time by producing a new plant that produced a tomato with a thicker skin WHICH allowed the tomatoes to be picked by machine. Tomato pickers lost jobs, all they need now is a couple of hands to work the truck, stacking boxes and bringing alongside the next truck.
Tomatoes are picked faster and they are in better shape and the process is cheaper for the farmer.

It’s here. R2D2 and C3PO are going to take you job.

Wendy’s To Replace Workers With Self-Service Kiosks Due To Minimum Wage Increases

Fast-food workers have engaged in the #FightFor15 for quite a while now, but one chain has a different way of ensuring that labor costs remain low without having to raise the cost of a product. Wendy’s plans on installing self-service kiosks at over 6,000 locations to replace cashiers. This is in response to laws mandating higher wages.

Wendy’s (WEN) said that self-service ordering kiosks will be made available across its 6,000-plus restaurants in the second half of the year as minimum wage hikes and a tight labor market push up wages.

It will be up to franchisees whether to deploy the labor-saving technology, but Wendy’s President Todd Penegor did note that some franchise locations have been raising prices to offset wage hikes.

McDonald’s (MCD) has been testing self-service kiosks. But Wendy’s, which has been vocal about embracing labor-saving technology, is launching the biggest potential expansion.

Wendy’s Penegor said company-operated stores, only about 10% of the total, are seeing wage inflation of 5% to 6%, driven both by the minimum wage and some by the need to offer a competitive wage “to access good labor.”

Yikes. Kiosks, of course, do the job of a human at the cost of $0 per hour.

Automation is coming, and it’s going to be at the cost of low-skilled workers–and not just the ones at Wendy’s. McDonald’s is also considering using kiosks, and self-checkout lines are common at grocery stores across the country. Minimum wage laws create an artificial price floor that hurts workers more than it helps.

The stratification of humanity

witchtitSounds ominous as you eat your Cheerios, doesn’t it. Consider that it is occurring and this force of nature cannot be stopped by Socialism or Capitalism. Don’t even talk to me about Communism/Fascism unless you are willing to entertain Eugenics. The inevitable divide in humanity will break along IQ lines, probably around 95 IQ.

The great divide in not just America but the World. Technology has overrun us and growing more day by day.AI is advancing a rates that make the “Terminator” movies more real. With these changes, fewer jobs are necessary to produce what we need in this country. The rest of the world is fast catching up. As less people are needed to produce ‘things’ more and more of the lower IQ persons will be shunted to the unemployment lines.

Subconsciously, we associate with people who are our equals mentally. We work with them, socialize with them and marry them. People with IQ’s of 120-130 do not fraternize with those with IQ’s of 85-90. Not even the Soviet Government would mingle with the proles.

With the “Equality for All” crowd a different set of problems create a wall. The major one is that no matter how one twists logic and reality, everyone is not equal. First you won’t get too many of the 120 and up IQ group. They’re far outside that entry level pay scale. As $15/hr becomes more the pay scale, more small business will layoff workers, cut hours or fold. Big business will employ robots and just put these Social Justice Workers out on the streets. That is a zero sum game. Furthermore there isn’t anyway some one who has been putting mufflers on cars in Detroit is becoming an IT tech. That burger flipper with the 90 IQ isn’t going to train up to write copy for the network nightly news. (Even though it sounds like it now)

As we separate more by IQ and that is also by living standards what is going to happen with the welfare systems, cities, social structure of the states. Since we do choose to live with like types, certainly we’re going to see more “ghetto” type places where there is minimal work if any, groupings of persons by IQ, rather than race and just what social structure needs to be built and maintained to accommodate such configurations.

For those with high IQ’s those living on the lower scale are out of sight, out of mind. Capitalism works well here since they’re mobile, entrepreneurial, capable of learning new skills and will relocate. No minimum wage is needed and unions can’t get a foothold.

For those of the lower IQ class, capitalism can provide jobs but at what cost? Capitalists will tell you that the minimum wage kills entry level jobs; they go to Washington and lobby against anything that will hurt their bottom line and the minimum wage certainly does. Workers need the freedom to get, change and move up in jobs. Union curtail that; Unions bad. That bottom line and the stockholders are the masters.

I can imagine all those corporate plutocrats after that two martini dinner going to bed worrying about the plight of the ghetto dweller’s wages and employment


No matter which side one takes on the minimum wage, that concept is a loser. Big Business will automate, getting rid of the necessity for  low level workers. A better bottom line results.

With the Socialists, show me a business that they can run for a profit which can afford $15/hr. It won’t happen, not on this planet.

For the low IQ section, Socialism is nothing more than slavery, with some perqs tossed in to compensate for being ripped off on their labors. Of course that is if there are any persons that will run a business under those circumstances. We know the government cannot; everything they have tried have gone bankrupt through the siphoning off profits to the Poobahs.
How much do the Commissars worry about the plight of the proles?


Given all this what is the answer? Will man evolve into two separate species? Or leave Earth to colonize another planet?

Or will something darker rear up and take the race into some sort of apocalyptic future where there will be only one survivor group.