The Millennials


The Millennials

Giving the Terrible condition of the tender feelings of the snowflakes attending college, only intense group therapy sessions may be able to rescue their psyches from total destruction by the election of “The Donald”.

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The Millennials



Snowflake Demands


Free Speech Zone?…

…This is America!
Everywhere is a FREE SPEECH ZONE!

That is the answer one gives to any asshole who comes up to you and says you cannot say that because it offends someone. If prayer offends, douse that offended individual with sanctified holy water. Perhaps they will burn and itch or even melt!

Clemson University Administrator Stops Man From Praying on Campus “This isn’t a free speech area.”

If you haven’t been following higher education news, you may not be aware that this sort of thing is happening on college campuses all over America.

Schools are designating certain areas as “free speech zones” and in some cases even restricting those areas to certain times of day.

Before you get too angry at the administrator in this video, remember that he wasn’t the one who created this policy, he’s just charged with the awful task of enforcing it.

These ridiculous policies are created by higher level administrators in closed meetings.

Red Alert Politics reported:

A man was stopped by a Clemson University administrator for praying on campus, telling him and a Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) activist that “this is not a designated free speech area,” and asking them to leave the area. YAF’s blog The New Guard released the video today.

The administrator, Shawn Jones who is the assistant director for client services, also called their praying “solicitation,” and demanded that they would need to fill out paperwork to continue. Clemson receives state and federal funding, and many see these restrictions as disregarding the First Amendment to the Constitution by limiting free speech to certain zones… (emphasis added)

“I was walking across the grassy area near Fort Hill after class at about 3:15 when I saw someone sitting in a folding chair. Next to him was another folding chair with an 8×10 sign that said PRAYER. I approached him and we sat down to pray for a few minutes. When we finished, a man from the university approached us and said he could not be praying there because it was not a “designated free speech area” and presented the person who was praying with a form for the procedures for applying for “solicitation” on campus. He told him he had to leave.”

Here’s the video:

This would be a great presidential debate question.

Hillary Clinton, do you believe in free speech zones and safe spaces on college campuses?

College Snowflakes have a psychiatric disorder

This is terrible news; not only are these tender things melting at 0° in stead of 32° but they cannot handle the quotidian exigencies they’ll have to face. It is going to be a long year.

New Concerns Arise About Mental Health Of College Students

New concerns arise about the mental health of students on college campuses all across the country.

Dr. Gene Beresin, a psychiatrist and Executive Director of The Clay Center for Young Healthy Minds at Massachusetts General Hospital, says 50% to 60% of college students have a psychiatric disorder.

“What I’m including in that is the use of substances, anxiety, depression, problems with relationships, break-ups, academic problems, learning disabilities, attentional problems,” says Dr. Beresin. “If you add them all up 50% doesn’t seem that high.”

Some undergraduates at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) agree.

“People go through tough times,” says Dane Erickson, a rising junior from Naples, Florida. “It’s really stressful sometimes here at school.”

“I know a couple of friends who had a difficult first semester last year,” explains Maddie Burgoyne, a rising sophomore from Michigan.

Dr. Beresin says the suicide rate in college in astronomical. “A college student kills himself every day,” he says. [snip]

What will they do if they’re caught out in the open with no safe space in the immediate area? Suppose some nefarious individual utters a “TRIGGER’ word and another underclassman isn’t there to clutch and comfort them.Safe zone worryOne of the most serious fractures in the world of the safe nest is going to happen just before mid-terms: The Presidential Election. They’re going to hear Donald Trump’s name echoing all around the quad, reflecting off the buildings and sneaking into the dorms.

What will the RA’s and RD’s do if Trump wins? There will be no shelter available to protect the tender minds from the heat of the Trump win.

The bodies will be stacked deep in those tiny safe rooms, brains leaking out of their ears.
The school will have to make up the tuition loss by selling tours.