Show of Shows

Barnum and Baily will have nothing on the show opening and closing tomorrow with the DNC.
Hooboy, the Democrat National Committee is going to hold in the main ring, actually the only ring in the one ring circus, the Greatest Clown Show ever seen in any political arena.

With the DNC moving so far to the Left, most of your father’s Donkeys don’t recognize them as any part of the American party. And they’re not. The whole program have become a Clown show of Socialists/Marxists/Communists that call themselves Progressives.
The Troika wanting to head this Leftists crowd is:

Ellison’s platform for the DNC is simple: Impeach Trump. He also might want women to wear burkas and be caned once or twice a day for the hell of it.

What Bernie is doing hanging around with a Muslim is good grist for the mill. Then again, he votes with that anti-semitic crowd called the Jackass party so “go figure!”

The third clown of this triumvirate is Fauxahontas. Purportedly, she’s 1/32 second Indian of the Mulligatawny Tribe of Mumbai, Oklahoma. With all the crazed ideas necessary to fit into that leadership position, she’s a shoe in to Madam Squaw.

The three should command almost 20% of the voting population in the US including the Walking Dead.
Chuckie Schumer, the Senate Mouth, has been going nuts to no avail. One has to believe that a scorched earth policy is the new best plan and he’s got these three to ride point for the death of the Jackass Party. There steeds will be Black Unicorns.

Watermelon Investing

“Management fees would increase under each of these three divestment scenarios because VPIC commingled funds, where the bulk of VPIC’s fossil fuel were held, would have to be restructured into materially higher-cost SMA [Separately Managed Accounts] funds.”

In the previous posting one can see the loss of Return on Investment (ROI) can quickly become (RoI) Return of Investment.

From the literate pens at:

Divestment report: Climate politics hurts pension fund returns

A study conducted for the Vermont Pension Investment Committee gives fresh ammunition to opponents of divestment from oil and gas in state pension funds.

The 63-page report, conducted by independent consulting firm Pension Consulting Alliance, finds that injecting climate change politics into state worker retirement funds harms fund performance and does nothing for the environment.

Last year, Gov. Peter Shumlin pushed for VPIC to divest Vermont’s state pension fund of Exxon Mobil and 200 other energy stocks. That agenda was strongly opposed by Treasurer Beth Pearce and  VPIC Chair Thomas Golonka.

The report highlights five key concerns about divestment, the first being that divestment imposes high costs and fees.

As of June 30, 2016, about 3.6 percent of Vermont’s $3.74 billion pension fund was invested in fossil fuels. Pearce’s office reported in 2014 that the costs to divest would be $134 million, including an initial $8.5 million and another $10 million in lost returns annually.

“The largest measurable explicit costs of divestment to VPIC would be ongoing increased management fees,” the report states. [snip]

Divestment in Vermont has powerful supporters and opponents.

Support for divestment is championed by, the Vermont Public Interest Research Group, and Shumlin, among others. Groups lined up against divestment include the Vermont Troopers’ Association, Vermont Retired State Employees Association, Vermont League of Cities and Towns and Vermont State Employees Association.

The authors note that divestment from fossil fuels is “a sparsely used strategy among U.S. public pension plans,” and recommends against the strategy: “We believe that VPIC’s significant proxy voting and engagement efforts on climate risk issues at fossil fuel companies, including ExxonMobil, and investment strategies other than divestment, are better suited than divestment for VPIC to manage risks and opportunities posed by climate change within its role as fiduciary of a U.S. public pension fund.”

These individuals, for the most part are socialists, with no background in economics unless it is in re-distributive Progressive policies of “What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine” governance.

Then they also believe this:

This kind of stupidity can’t produce a long life.

How to lose money without trying…

…by following the Vermont Guide to Investing.
Vermont’s pension plans are not paragons of prudent investing; quite the opposite, they show that touch of lunacy found only in a column written by Jack Krugman in the NY Times.
twilight-vermont Most investors look for ROI when they place their money in equities or bonds. High grade stocks that pay good dividends are a strong base for any portfolio and pension fund managers look for such investments to provide support to pensions during downturn times.

Political investing is pure idiocy. Money has no politics. It cares not who is in power. Some of these clowns believe they can do damage to a corporation by mass selling of the stocks, driving the prices down. Silly geese. One has to know that for every stock sale there has to be a buyer. If not an individual/corporation, then a brokerage house buys for it’s holdings and sells at a later date.

Using a political agenda as an investment guide, the Progs have lost more in the state’s pensions when they dropped some of the tobacco stocks which hold more than tobacco products, they want to divest themselves of any of the petrochemical stocks too. In what are they going to place the money that has been entrusted to them? Green energy? Not one iota of that can survive without massive subsidies from the government and when functioning, does more damage to the environment than said.epa-is-mumTo the Eco-freaks, the agenda is all that matters; losing money which isn’t theirs anyway, is fine to advance the goal of being MARXIST GREEN. They’re very accomplished at this.

There is more to this in the next post from Vermont Watchdog.

This is for your protection, snowflakes

“I first found out about this big change in October,” Pelkey said. “I went to a Montpelier workshop for auto service station owners like me to learn more about it. Meanwhile, I had to pay to get an internet connection at my garage, then pay $1,500 for this equipment which I can’t open yet. I was told my business will be charged $2.41 each time I use the smart pad to do a vehicle inspection.”

We of the noble State Poobahs, cannot let some low grade Granolas and Woodchucks get away with stealing some inspection stickers or shopping the beater around so that it will pass inspection to save on the fee. No sir we cannot and will not allow that. Here’s our solution; Massive oppression.
From the literate pens at:watchdog-logo-lou

Big Brother will be watching Vermont’s motor vehicle inspections

After decades of using ink pens and carbon-paper record books for vehicle inspection work, the Green Mountain State is going digital and adopting the Automated Vehicle Inspection Program.

The move away from paper inspection records to centralized internet-based data collecting is part of the state’s attempt to reduce inspection fraud and so-called sticker shopping by some vehicle owners.

Following a competitive bidding process in 2016, Vermont contracted California-based Parsons, an international engineering services firm, to provide AVIP administration services, maintenance and support, inspection equipment and a technical support hotline for participating Vermont auto service centers.

According to Parsons’ website, the company inspects 2.3 million vehicles annually and maintains 121 inspection lanes at 29 state-owned inspection facilities.

Using AVIP, as a vehicle is inspected, diagnostic data and digital images of the vehicle will be immediately sent to the Department of Motor Vehicles computer database via the internet. [snip]

Stolen inspection stickers

Approximately 970 of Vermont’s 1,400 official state inspection stations have signed up for AVIP, Pelkey told Watchdog. However, he is aware of only 21 smaller inspections stations, so far, opting out of doing vehicle inspections entirely. “They probably don’t want to pay to connect to the internet (and pay a monthly connection fee) as well as out-of-pocket expenses for the equipment,” he surmised.

“This is supposed to cut down on inspection fraud,” Pelkey said, “but I am not so sure. This might end up being counterproductive by increasing sticker theft in the long run. I also think it’s going to hurt Vermonters on fixed incomes as well as struggling working people.”

Pelkey noted that the Vermont State Police and DMV last month began investigating the theft of inspection tickets at two Rutland-area automobile dealerships, Brileya Jeep-Chrysler and Shearer Honda. “It’s starting already,” he said.

The AVIP smart pad will record everything about a vehicle when the owner brings it for an inspection, from a check-engine light to an underinflated tire sensor warning.

“It used to be that some inspectors let very minor things go to help out a cash-strapped customer,” he said. “Not anymore. The smart pad will record everything and then that’s all uploaded to Montpelier.”

Looks like Vermont has another source of money that isn’t called a tax but burns the pocket just like a tax. Current cost of an inspection is $45; with the cost of new equipment, internet hookup, state charge for each inspection connection, you can believe those fees will go up to $60-$65.
For the amount of work in doing an inspection, there isn’t very much money in it.

Interesting, South Carolina doesn’t inspect motor vehicles for safety. You are required to keep your vehicle in a safe operating condition.
If you get stopped for a traffic violation, the officer can do a safety check on the vehicle. If it fails, the summons will be issued and the vehicle must be brought to a safe condition. The fines are not cheap; one wold wish they took care of the vehicle. In case of an accident, an unsafe vehicle is considered to be at fault and the law deals with that in court and more problems arise for the operator.

Daily Insanity

Vermont has a small problem, a small monetary problem, in addition to the rest of the fiscal disaster that every Socialist/Liberal/Progressive/Marxist/Communist society finds themselves in after they have taxed the productive members into flight or penury.
Somewhere in the backrooms of Montpelier, the Treasurer is still playing “RISK” wishing that may turn into reality.

From the literate pens at:


What Vermont’s opioid problem is costing taxpayers

Fiscally conservative Gov. Phil Scott presented a balanced budget last month, cutting government spending, consolidating programs and calling for a special election for school boards to present level funded budgets. Still, the governor will continue to provide full funding for Vermont’s battle against opioid addiction.

Will the spending ultimately save taxpayers money?

Nationally, the U.S. taxpayer has lost over $25 billion dollars to excess health care costs due to opioid addiction. Addiction-related burdens on the criminal justice system are estimated at $5 billion, and lost workplace production is estimated at $25.5 billion.

In 2007, Vermont’s share of health care loss was over $38 million dollars. Since then, opioid addiction in Vermont has tripled, and state taxpayers have likely suffered total losses of over $84 million dollars. [snip]

According to a January 2015 report by the Vermont Department of Health, the new centers enable 40 percent more users to receive treatment. Moreover, approximately 75 percent of patients complete 90 days of treatment, a crucial factor in preventing relapse.

The report did not specify relapse rates after the 90-day program, but other studies have found that heroin and opioid relapse occurs for approximately 90 percent of users. Relapse generally decreases in long-term programs.

To help prevent access to opioids, Shumlin in 2016 signed a law limiting the amount of prescription pain killers physicians are allowed to prescribe. The law will go into effect on July 1, 2017.

However, that change may be rendered ineffective by Vermont’s outdated prescription monitoring system. Pharmacists have told Watchdog that because of the lack of data sharing, patients are able to hop from pharmacy to pharmacy, filling the same prescription each time.

RELATED: Pharmacist: Rehab turning Vermonters into permanent drug addicts [snip]

That last line should tell you of the wonders of this hippy socialist paradise.
Picking up a calculator quickly tells one that this problem is virtually insurmountable. There is somewhere between 620,000 and 650,000 persons in the state not all earners. They’re expected to fess up to some $84 million; that comes to a mere $13.6M± each.
Hey Woodchucks, cough up!

Cabinet choice: Dept of ED

It seems that this one choice is riling up the opposition; that being Betsy Devos.
Those ‘down for the struggle’ chant the usual slogans from the Left playbook targeting her lack of “Ed Creds”. The real threat is the “School Choice” which puts the public schools in jeopardy; they have to perform or else.

She is going to destroy our schools.



That is easily remediated by selecting individuals to serve as advisors. Why not dip into the retired and active group of educators such as the Irish Christian Brothers and the Sisters of Charity. Never in their schools did the unruly behavior occur, or if an outbreak blossomed, it was squelched with alacrity.
For those unfamiliar with the Catholic method of imparting knowledge, it actually is a simple philosophy; one learned or else. A simple application of pain applied appropriately and immediately, taught the student the error of their ways.

As for bullying in schools, on buses and in general, is taken care of by one simple rule. Never start a fight; never lose a fight. Bullies quickly lose their appetite for their idea of fun by having their face pounded into the ground each time they attempt to practice their pastime. It also enhanced safety on the schoolyard.

Of course, you know that the Left will go into a paroxysm of panty wetting and hand wringing. Please also note that they for the most part do not send their spawn to public schools. In DC, the Poobahs of in Congress send their tykes to ‘Swellwell’ Friends where the students are surrounded by more guns than the “Gangs of Chicago”.

Don’t chew a pop tart into the shape of a gun!

Fear of education over indoctrination rampant in Vermont

The terror of school choice in Vermont is reaching new levels with the election of “The Donald” to high office.
A realization reached into those dark recesses of even the slowest of the Bernie myrmidons, that the change in the air isn’t a new dose of Soma, but the fracture of the dome which has sealed Vermont from reality and sanity for the last eight years will touch the mutable minds of the tykes of the faux Vermonters. Life on the Liberal Plantation is not going to be the same.
You may read the entire text at

Proposed rule changes could threaten Vermont’s school choice

Proposed rule changes that affect independent schools caused an uproar at two well-attended public events last month, but opposing parties say they are aware of each other’s viewpoints and are continuing talks.

The controversial changes, which were proposed by the Vermont Board of Education and would impact over 80 private schools, will require more school financial accountability, a demonstration of open admission policies and wider special education opportunities for students with those needs.

Vermont’s four largest private academies — St. Johnsbury Academy, Burr and Burton Academy, Lyndon Institute and Thetford Academy — would be affected by the rules, as well as smaller schools such as the Compass School in Westminster, which enrolls 70 students. [snip]

At the two public hearings in December — one at Burr and Burton Academy in Manchester, and the other St. Johnsbury Academy in St. Johnsbury — state board members got an earful regarding the perceived threat to local school choice.

Angelique McAlpine, founder of School Choice Vermont, a volunteer organization supporting tuitioning and school choice laws, said that the public reaction in choice towns is understandable.

“Tuitioning in Vermont has been part of the educational landscape for about 140 years,” McAlpine told Watchdog. [snip]

McAlpine said that there are approximately 90 choice towns with students who are tuitioned with public dollars to attend a school of their choice.

According to Mark Tashjian, headmaster of Burr and Burton Academy, approximately 800 people attended the second rule-change meeting at his school. Over 400 people attended the first meeting at St. Johnsbury Academy.

“Everyone involved is trying to do what’s best for Vermont and for the kids. The problem is really different perspectives,” Tashjian told Watchdog.

“I consider the proposed rules to be devastating, but we’re moving productively. The proposed changes would have a profound impact on Vermont’s choice towns — so that’s why this is a school choice issue. The effect would be reducing the choices that are available.” [snip]

With the Federal government sticking it’s nose into every crevice of local education; under a Progressive boot on neck governance form, the rule of money, not sanity and reason becomes the driver since debt accrues faster than the taxed can be soaked. Therefore any dollars that flow to something other than public education is more than frowned upon with fulmination.