More from the Watermelons

Vermont has it’s share of Loons, both in Congress and out.Those not in office line up to follow the prevaricating Piper.

Rep. Welch looks to expand subsidies for electric vehicles as ‘green’ claims fade

Last week at an electric car charging station in Burlington, Rep. Peter Welch, D-Vt, announced legislation to expand subsidies for the electric vehicle market. The federal program currently has a cap limiting the taxpayer dollars that may be used to incentivize EV purchases.

“Transportation is the single largest contributor to greenhouse emissions in the United States. It is urgent that we transition to cleaner, more efficient modes of transportation,” Welch said at the event.

“My legislation will make electric vehicles and their charging stations more affordable while saving Vermonters money at the gas pump and reducing their environmental footprint.”

While buyers of electric vehicles currently may receive a federal tax credit of up to $7,500 to offset the higher cost of the cars, automakers each have a cap that limits the offer to only 200,000 cars. Some automakers expect to hit that cap this year

To free up even more taxpayer subsidies, Welch’s legislation, H.R. 6274, would eliminate the cap for 10 years and enable buyers to get the credit at the time of the purchase instead of having to wait until they filed their annual income tax return, as the law currently requires. [snip]

The news comes on the heels of an announcement from Tesla Motors last month that the EV manufacturer is laying off 9 percent of its workforce, about 3,600 workers. [snip]

H.R. 6274 is cosponsored in the U.S. House by Reps. Jacky Rosen, D-Nev., and Jared Huffman, D-Calif. In the U.S. Senate, Sen. Rep. Jeff Merkley, D-Ore., is expected to introduce similar legislation.

All this of course is the dream of the Watermelon Nation. Vermont as part of this group is destroying the views of the mountains and solar farms blight the once green farmland. Most Vermonters cannot afford a windup car much less a Tesla. As usual, the Progressives don’t care who gets wounded in the fight for a totally petro-free lifestyle.

The peasantry has trouble finding work; the Legislators work hard to drive out small for profit businesses by mandating a $15/hr wage for those flipping burgers or smoking their brains out. One can’t believe that the dopers need or want a Tesla to motor around looking for the next score.



Oh the glories of a socialist life. One gets to do what they want with minimal to no repercussions.

More than anything possible to show is the ineptitude of any socialist politician. All politicians believe they have the answer to every problem but the Progressives do more damage in a shorter time than the run of the mill motormouth in DC.

Workers Flee and Thieves Loot Venezuela’s Reeling Oil Giant

Thousands of workers are fleeing Venezuela’s state-owned oil company, abandoning once-coveted jobs made worthless by the worst inflation in the world. And now the hemorrhaging is threatening the nation’s chances of overcoming its long economic collapse, union leaders, oil executives and workers say.

Desperate oil workers and criminals are also stripping the oil company of vital equipment, vehicles, pumps and copper wiring, carrying off whatever they can to make money. The double drain — of people and hardware — is further crippling a company that has been teetering for years yet remains the country’s most important source of income.

The timing could not be worse for Venezuela’s increasingly authoritarian president, Nicolás Maduro, who was re-elected last month in a vote that has been widely condemned by leaders across the hemisphere. Prominent opposition politicians were either barred from competing in the election, imprisoned or in exile. [snip]

If Maduro is going to find a way out of the mess, the key will be oil: virtually the only source of hard currency for a nation with the world’s largest estimated petroleum reserves.

But each month Venezuela produces less of it.

Offices at the state oil company are emptying out, crews in the field are at half strength, pickup trucks are stolen and vital materials vanish. All of this is adding to the severe problems at the company that were already acute because of corruption, poor maintenance, crippling debts, the loss of professionals and even a lack of spare parts.

Now workers at all levels are walking away in large numbers, sometimes literally taking pieces of the company with them.

A job with Petróleos de Venezuela, known as PDVSA, used to be a ticket to the Venezuelan Dream.

No more. Carlos Navas, 37, worked on a drilling crew outside of this oil city, El Tigre. He had a house here, with air-conditioning, and a car. He never imagined he might not make enough money to buy food for his wife and three children. [snip]

“Before, you worked and you were rich,” Navas said of his oil company job. “Your salary bought anything you needed. Now you can’t buy anything, not even food.”

Inflation in Venezuela is projected to reach an astounding 13,000 percent this year, according to the International Monetary Fund. When The New York Times interviewed Navas in May, the monthly salary for a worker like him was barely enough to buy a whole chicken or 2 pounds of beef. But with prices going up so quickly, it buys even less now. [snip]

Maybe this is a new pension plan. Quit and take parts of the company with you.

We should not think that the Venezuelan are alone with a corrupt Socialist Government.

Nicaraguans flood migration offices in bid to flee crisis

One evening as she watched some local kids play outside in her Managua neighborhood, Nicaraguan Mireya Alegria was shocked to see police, motorcycles and a white van carrying hooded men speed past.

“They started firing,” she says. It was the moment she decided enough was enough.

Now Alegria is one of the thousands of Nicaraguans desperately seeking to process migration documents and flee to neighboring Central American countries, as two months of anti-government dissent has triggered increasingly violent state repression.

“Thousands of people come daily to do paperwork,” said Nubia Manzanares, a migration agent, adding that many come with their children.

Lines in offices such as hers are endless, as families and young people attempt to leave in particular for Costa Rica, the primary destination of Nicaraguans since the country’s 1980s civil war between President Daniel Ortega’s Sandinistas and the US-backed contras.

Jonathan Pena, 19, says his top reason for leaving is because he sees the government “persecuting and killing young people. [snip]

The crisis sparked by relatively small protests against now-abandoned social security reforms morphed into an explosive movement demanding Ortega along with his wife and vice president Rosario Murillo leave office.

But Ortega appears set on staying, and the past two months has seen more than 160 people die in bloody clashes between armed government-backed forces and activists brandishing slingshots and homemade mortars. [snip]

– ‘Forbidden to be young’ –

Nicaraguans say the gangs have marked youth — who have spearheaded the mass movement against Ortega — as their primary targets.

“Now it’s forbidden to be young,” says Xiomara Vargas, a 54-year-old housewife who accompanied her nephew, a computer science student, to the migration office. psnip]

It’s an attitude analyst and former politician Nunez echoes: “Ortega will try to navigate between the rubble and reach the end,” he says.

“Regardless of the human and economic cost.”

This mess is redolent of California, Illinois and Vermont. The politicians in those places are Progs who can’t keep a budget or spending under control Vermont has a horrible drug problem and it isn’t eating Tide Pods. The other places need no elucidation.

The UN is nothing but an organization run by thugs, criminals and Socialists. Pardon that redundancy.

When, not if: US poised to quit UN’s human rights council

Diplomats say the United States is about to quit the United Nation’s main human rights body, primarily over Washington’s claim that the Human Rights Council is biased against Israel.

The move would be the Trump administration’s latest snub of the international community. The U.S. State Department said Friday no decision has been made to leave.

But diplomats who requested anonymity said it appears more a matter of when, not if, the pullout threatened last year by the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, will happen.

Never in the 12 years of the council has a serving member dropped out voluntarily. Seven years ago, in the midst of the Arab Spring, Moammar Gadhafi’s Libya was kicked out with the approval of the U.N. General Assembly, which has final say.

We need to stay in the UN just to counter resolutions promoted in the Security Council.
What we need to do is stop paying the dues and insist that the whole cesspool be moved to Germany. Merkel deserves the crowd.

Big Spenders

Like all socialist programs, this one too crashed and burned. The only difference is this one fell apart quickly. At least it saved the working stiffs more of their wages.

Finland’s basic income trial falls flat

Currently 2,000 unemployed Finns are receiving a flat monthly payment of €560 (£490; $685) as basic income.

“The eagerness of the government is evaporating. They rejected extra funding [for it],” said Olli Kangas, one of the experiment’s designers.

Some see basic income as a way to get unemployed people into temporary jobs.

The argument is that, if paid universally, basic income would provide a guaranteed safety net. That would help to address insecurities associated with the “gig” economy, where workers do not have staff contracts.

Supporters say basic income would boost mobility in the labour market as people would still have an income between jobs.

Finland’s two-year pilot scheme started in January 2017, making it the first European country to test an unconditional basic income. The 2,000 participants – all unemployed – were chosen randomly.

But it will not be extended after this year, as the government is now examining other schemes for reforming the Finnish social security system.

“I’m a little disappointed that the government decided not to expand it,” said Prof Kangas, a researcher at the Social Insurance Institution (Kela), a Finnish government agency.

Speaking to the BBC from Turku, he said the government had turned down Kela’s request for €40-70m extra to fund basic income for a group of employed Finns, instead of limiting the experiment to 2,000 unemployed people. [snip]

OECD finds drawbacks

In February this year the influential OECD think tank said a universal credit system, like that being introduced in the UK, would work better than a basic income in Finland. Universal credit replaces several benefit payments with a single monthly sum.

The study by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development said income tax would have to increase by nearly 30% to fund a basic income. It also argued that basic income would increase income inequality and raise Finland’s poverty rate from 11.4% to 14.1%.

In contrast, the OECD said, universal credit would cut the poverty rate to 9.7%, as well as reduce complexity in the benefits system.

Another reform option being considered by Finnish politicians is a negative income tax, Prof Kangas said.

Do welfare states boost economic growth, or stunt it?

Under that scheme, people whose income fell below a certain threshold would be exempt from income tax and would actually receive payments from the tax office.

The challenge is to find a cost-effective system that incentivises people to work, but that does not add to income inequality, Tuulia Hakola-Uusitalo of the Finnish Finance Ministry told the BBC.

As per usual the State won’t use true drivers to get people into jobs. There is always work, one may not desire that form. That soesn’t mean that that form of work doesn’t need to be done for the good of the community, country and the individuals living in the area. A short list includes ut isn’t limited to the following:

  • Public sanitation route compaction engineer
  • Water treatment plant sanitation engineer
  • Roadside beautification engineer
  • Public works janitorial engineer
  • Farm engineer: Produce identification and removal agent

Rather than pay someone for not working, give them a reason to feel good about themselves through employment. Yen paying a decent wage is necessary. So it raises the cost of some items. Inflation is one of the constant irks of life. It is cheaper than having a sub-class on the dole.

The motivator for having people take these jobs is simple: Deport the illegals back to their home countries and cut out welfare. That opens up the positions to Americans to take gainful work at decent wages. With no welfare to fall back to, the other option is a growling stomach. If that doesn’t motivate one to change their ways, international travel might. Cuba, Venezuela and California a strong practicing socialist Countries. Yes, We know California pretends to belong to the US of A but that’s a fallacy.

It is possible to imagine that many of those cut off from the largess of the Federal teat could live for some time by selling accrued “stuff” like big screen TV’s X-boxes new cars and other finery to replace the EBT card monthly loot. An example of the cash flow and benefits in a small state like Vermont totals up to the vicinity of $43,000/year.

Think you could live in that vicinity? That leaves some cash over for legal dope too.

Stilton’s Place

Daily Insanity

Vermont is in real danger of tipping over. They are determined to make the whole state live off the grid. Most of the people there believe everyone else should pay their way. Now they have a 13 y/o running for Governor and State law allows for it.

A 13 Year-Old Kid Is Running for Governor of Vermont

Ethan Sonneborn, age 13, has been running for governor of Vermont since October 2017. By all accounts, this is a very real campaign. Vermont is one of the few states with zero age restrictions on who can run for office. But, his candidacy is garnering new media attention in wake of the Parkland, Florida school shooting. He’s now touting more gun control.

According to The Middlebury Campusnewspaper, his message is one of optimism and encouragement for young people to get engaged in politics.

“Ethan Sonneborn, an eighth grade student at Mount Abraham Union Middle School, announced this month his campaign for a spot in Vermont’s 2018 gubernatorial race. Sonneborn, a Democrat, aims to inspire other young people to participate in politics at any level.
“We need to engage young people in the process,” Sonneborn said in an interview.”


But nowadays, Sonneborn is focusing on gun control. His campaign slogan is “Because tomorrow matters” and he hopes that more gun control will help prevent future tragedies, according to NBC 5.

“My generation has been taking an important step in this because we’re the ones were getting shot,” Sonneborn said. “This affects us directly and people who say it can’t happen in Vermont, we came this close to it happening in Vermont. It will happen in Vermont if we don’t take action.”

He referred to a thwarted school shooting plot discovered last month at Fair Haven Union High School.

The current legislation being debated in Montpelier would raise the minimum age to buy a gun from 18 to 21, limit the capacity of gun magazines, strengthen background checks and ban bump-stocks.

Sonneborn was one of about 2,500 people who participated in the March for our Lives in Montpelier.

He said he would like to see an assault-weapons ban added to Vermont’s current bill.


Maybe he can get Tide Pods added to the school lunch menu or sniffable condoms.
It’s a big world; expand your horizons.

Vermont Chases the White Rabbit…

…down that ole carbon hole and finding a lost cause.

Report: state policy failing to reduce carbon

Vermont’s landmark energy policies are not solving the problems they were designed to solve, according to a report from Vermonters for a Clean Environment. Also, new tariff on mostly Chinese-made solar panels will add 7.5 to 12 percent to cost of installation. Pictured: Solar array construction in Ferrisburgh.

Photo by Lou Varricchio

Vermont’s landmark energy policies are not solving the problems they were designed to solve, according to a March 12 report from Vermonters for a Clean Environment.

The report, titled “Understanding Vermont Energy Policies”, describes how these state policies such as Renewable Energy Standard, standard-offer program, net-metering, Act 174’s energy planning process, and Renewable Energy Credits have raised energy costs while failing to reduce Vermonters’ carbon consumption.

“Most Vermonters would be stunned to know that we have actually seen an increase in carbon emissions due to our current energy policies,” said Annette Smith, executive director of Vermonters for a Clean Environment. “From public discourse to date, it appears most Vermonters do not realize we get little renewable energy from our state’s wind and solar developments, while simultaneously costing ratepayers significantly more money… .”

Regarding imported (mostly Chinese) solar panel tariffs imposed by the Trump administration, they will add 7.5 to 12 percent to cost of installation, according to the February issue of Green Energy Times.

The article concedes that the paltry employment figures of 1,000 USA solar panel manufacturing jobs may increase as a result of the tariff, although installation jobs will likely decline.

According to the March Vermont Business News Magazine, Vermont solar job employment is down 13 percent, or three times the national average – perhaps due to a reduction in net metering subsidies. Yet these subsidies remain high enough to scare off some local utilities.

A March 8 News & Citizen reports that Hardwick Electric doesn’t support construction of a 150-KW Norwich Solar project because it would be required to buy its power at twice the average price of the alternative.

This is a common thread for everything that the Progressives have placed into the economy in Vermont. All start with big announcements, fanfare and grandiose promises of future returns and fantastic workings. Then the people find out they HAVE to buy the product at twice the cost OR else. The or else is insured by removing the competition.

The final paragraph in the story tells the tale. The solar power will cost twice as much and according to the report, won’t reduce the carbon usage, thank God. That is all a scam anyway.

Historical happenings

3/4/1789 ~ The first Congress of the United States meets in New York and declares that the Constitution is in effect.

3/4/1791 ~ Vermont is admitted as the 14th state. It is the first addition to the original 13 colonies.

3/4/1908 ~ The New York board of education bans the act of whipping students in school.