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Climate Change in Action

This Global Warming is causing the penguins to starve. This is terrible. The Warming is causing this freezing causing the chicks to starve but in the Arctic, it is good for the polar bears, but not good for the penguins. So we need more warming in the Antarctic but not the Arctic.

Maybe that lying mushwit, Michael Mann has an answer. He seems to be running his mouth about Climate Change all the time. Come to think of it, so is Obama and Gore experts on this matter. They most likely can provide a couple tons of BS to confound the situation.

Thousands of penguin chicks starve in Antarctica

Mass starvation has wiped out thousands of penguin chicks in Antarctica, with unusually thick sea ice forcing their parents to forage further for food in what conservationists Friday called a “catastrophic breeding failure”.

French scientists, supported by WWF, have been studying a colony of 18,000 pairs of Adelie penguins in East Antarctica since 2010 and discovered only two chicks survived the most recent breeding season in early 2017.

They attributed the disaster to extensive sea ice late in the summer, meaning the adult penguins had to travel further to find food, with the chicks dying as they waited.

Yan Ropert-Coudert, senior penguin scientist at Dumont D’Urville research station, adjacent to the colony, said the region was impacted by environmental changes linked to the breakup of the Mertz glacier.

“The conditions are set for this to happen more frequently due to the breaking of the Mertz glacier in 2010 that changed the configuration of the stretch of sea in front of the colony,” he told AFP.

“But there are other factors needed to have a zero year: a mix of temperature, wind direction and strength, no opening of polynya in front of the colony.”

A polynya is an area of unfrozen sea within an ice pack.

He added that the coming season seemed to be better for the birds in terms of sea ice “but we never know how it will turn unfortunately”.

Surviving mostly on a diet of krill — a small shrimp-like crustacean — Adelie penguins, slick and efficient swimmers, have been generally faring well in East Antarctica.

But they have been declining in the Antarctic region more generally where climate change has taken its toll, with shifting ice reducing habitat while warming seas affect their prey. [snip]

Climate Foibles

Stuff the NY Times and the Eco-nazis won’t tell you. MSNBC and CNN has no desire to publish anything of this sort. Rest assured WE shall.

October Arctic surprise: Rapid recovery of ice extent

  1. October Arctic Surprise: Rapid Recovery Of Ice Extent
    Ron Clutz, Science Matters, 7 October 2017 In recent years, October has seen some rapid recoveries of Arctic ice extents.  But this year may become something special.
    With the early onset of Siberian snow cover and the resulting surface cooling, ice is roaring back, especially on the Asian side. Consider the refreezing during the last 11 days through yesterday.
  2. Tony Abbott, Green Attacks And Ridley’s Paradox
    Paul Matthews, Climate Scepticism, 10 October 2017 Tony Abbott, former PM of Australia, gave the annual GWPF lecture on Monday night. Predictably, the talk has been attacked, thereby giving it lots of publicity, and equally predictably, there is no substance to the attacks.
  3. Green Activists Face Up To 21 Years In Prison As Judge Rejects Climate Change Excuse
    The New York Times, 10 October 2017 A lawyer for an environmental activist convicted of targeting an oil pipeline in North Dakota said he doesn’t think a judge’s decision disallowing the threat of global warming as a defense to justify the crime would be grounds for an appeal.
  4. Germany’s Green Caste System Contributed To Merkel’s Electoral Losses
    Daily Caller, 9 October 2017  The country’s hefty solar subsides have created a have and have-not type caste system in Germany, the report notes. Germany’s poorest citizens began joining ranks with Merkel’s chief political opponent after subsides caused electricity bills to skyrocket.
  5. Germany Set To Widely Miss Climate Targets, Environment Ministry Warns
    Clean Energy Wire, 11 October 2017 Germany’s environment ministry fears high emissions from coal-fired power plants and transport will make the country miss its 2020 climate targets by a wider margin than previously anticipated. The ministry’s warning adds further pressure to make fast progress on climate-related issues in upcoming talks aimed at forming a new government following September’s general elections.
  6. Obama’s Clean Power Plan Is Finally Getting The Axe. But Climate Skeptics Want More
    E&E News, 11 October 2017  The Trump administration today will officially announce the end of the Clean Power Plan, a regulation limiting planet-warming carbon dioxide emissions from power plants. But the conservative crowd that’s skeptical about climate change says its work is just beginning.
  7. CEI Analysis: EPA Proposes Clean Power Plan Repeal Rule
    Competitive Enterprise Institute, 9 October 2017 On Tuesday, October 10, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt is expected to release the agency’s proposed rule to repeal the Clean Power Plan (CCP). The CPP, which aims to reduce U.S. electric power sector carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 32 percent below 2005 levels by 2030, was the Obama administration’s marquee domestic climate policy and principal regulatory component of the U.S. emission-reduction pledge under the Paris Climate Accord. On Friday, October 6, someone leaked the repeal rule a few days before its official debut. In this post, I provide excerpts and offer commentary on the leaked document.

Ponder this

Moral indignation is jealousy with a halo.

~ H. G. Wells

Big Spenders

Is it time to sell your house and move before the city in which you live has a big yard sale and is foreclosed. Or they raise your taxes so high to pay off the unfunded pensions that you will never find a buyer dumb enough to even look at your mansion. Check this map for places to move and to avoid.

Which American Cities Will File Bankruptcy Next?

We harp on the massive, unsustainable, yet largely unnoticed, debt burdens of American cities, counties and states fairly regularly because, well, it’s a frightening issue if you spend just a little time to understand the math and ultimate consequences.  Here is some of our recent posts on the topic:

Luckily, for those looking to escape the trauma of being taxed into oblivion by their failing cities/counties/states, JP Morgan has provided a comprehensive guide on which municipalities haven’t the slightest hope of surviving their multi-decade debt binge and lavish public pension awards.

Certified Loonies

In the lives of the Loony Left, when one isn’t busy out hugging poison ivy, there has to be some other other misfiring in the cerebral cortex. In this case, it is the desire to give water molecules human rights. All of them we guess since there are no distinguishing marks to separate one from another.

Environmentalists sue to give river human rights

An environmental group is filing the first lawsuit of its kind on Sept. 26 in the U.S., attempting to force the state of Colorado to recognize the “legal rights” of the Colorado River and the surrounding ecosystem.

Activist organization Deep Green Resistance (DGR) has signed on as the river’s “next friends” in Colorado River v. State of Colorado. The Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF) is a legal adviser in the case, according to a CELDF press release.

“This action … comes as courts around the world are beginning to hold that nature and ecosystems possess legally enforceable rights,” CELDF’s International Center for the Rights of Nature Director Mari Margil said in a press release from Sept. 21.

“Building on ongoing lawmaking efforts, we believe that this lawsuit will be the first of many which begins to change the status of nature under our legal systems,” Margil added.

DGR is committed to stopping “industrial civilization from burning fossil fuels.” The organization wants society to revert to a “sustainable” culture without the modern form of civilization fueled by limited resources.

“Life on Earth is more important than this insane, temporary culture based on hyper-exploitation of finite resources. This culture needs to be destroyed before it consumes all life on this planet,” the group’s website says. “Humanity is not the same as civilization. Humans have developed many sane and sustainable cultures, themselves at risk from civilization.”

Out of curiosity, did all the water molecules sign on to this class action lawsuit? Did any agree to be represented in court; if not where is the standing in court for these LOONS.
Don’t we have enough serious problems ongoing in the country with the likes of Kasich, the NFL, Pelosi’s brain cramps and the bat crazy Mayor of San Juan?
Toss the suit and make the fools pay all court costs for all involved.

Climate Foibles

As long as it’s their money and they’re not using government funds, tax dollars or student fees that come from Federal grants, let them waste their time.

Yale University to begin “carbon charges”

Yale University has established a distinctive, new strategy in order to combat carbon dioxide emissions: taxing the CO2 emissions of buildings on campus.

The Ivy League institution’s plan will divide the entire university into 48 administrative units, all accountable for the carbon emissions of their respective buildings on campus. Each unit will provide a monthly report on energy efficiency, the first of which will be announced later this month. According to Yale, the reports will act as examinations on the buildings energy consumption as well as the consequent greenhouse gas emissions.

The school’s carbon charge is stated to be revenue neutral, meaning that Yale will not benefit from any of the revenue from the fee.

In 2018, each of the administrative units involved will have two budget lines, “A charge line for the unit’s carbon charges, and a return line to allow a percentage of the university-wide carbon charge total to be returned to that unit.” [snip]

“Carbon pricing achieves emissions savings by making the carbon content of every decision that you make salient or clear to the person making the decision,” Yale economics professor Kenneth Gillingham stated.

Yale has over 250 buildings on its New Haven campus. Apparently administrators from the university have already started from switch to incandescent to LED lights bulbs in order to decrease the cost of carbon emissions.

According to the Yale Daily News article, they aim to have a “zero-net release of carbon to the atmosphere” by the year 2050. The Ivy League university also hopes to decrease greenhouse gas emissions 43 percent under its levels of 2005, which they hope to accomplish by the year 2020.

“Quantitative limits are so ‘twentieth century’ because they do not ask what the costs and benefits are,” Yale economics professor Nordhaus Nordhaus expressed. “Using prices rather than quantities is recognized as the most efficient and effective approach.”

Yale’s carbon tax initiative has evidently inspired members of numerous others schools to engage in similar projects, including Cornell, Dartmouth, and Stanford. Similar to Yale, Swarthmore College, a liberal-arts college in Pennsylvania, has even implemented a 1.25 percent carbon charge on its operating budgets.

Hey fools, I’ll be happy to take those incandescent bulbs off your hands so that no one on the campus sneaks them into a dorm room.
Back when they phased out the incandescent bulbs, I bought a couple of cases of 60W and 75W plus a ½ case of 3 way. Also I bought a case of 500W floods for security and 65W floods for my track lighting.
Screw the idiots.