Good deeds…

…always have adverse effects when the Watermelons augment them.

Starbucks Bans Plastic Straws, Winds Up Using More Plastic

2018 will forever be remembered as the year that hating plastic straws went mainstream. Once the lonely cause of environmental cranks, now everyone wants to eliminate these suckers from daily life.

In July, Seattle imposed America’s first ban on plastic straws. Vancouver, British Columbia, passed a similar ban a few months earlier. There are active attempts to prohibit straws in New York City, Washington, D.C., Portland, Oregon, and San Francisco. A-list celebrities from Calvin Harris to Tom Brady have lectured us on giving up straws. Both National Geographic and The Atlantic have run long profiles on the history and environmental effects of the straw. Vice is now treating their consumption as a dirty, hedonistic excess.

Not to be outdone by busybody legislators, Starbucks, the nation’s largest food and drink retailer, announced on Monday that it would be going strawless. [snip]

The World Wildlife Fund and Ocean Conservancy both provided ebullient quotes for Starbucks’ press releases. Liberal magazine The New Republic praised the move as an “environmental milestone.” Slate hailed the Starbucks straw ban as evidence of as a victory for a bona fide anti-straw movement, one that would hopefully lead to bans of more things plastic in years to come.

Yet missing from this fanfare was the inconvenient fact that by ditching plastic straws, Starbucks will actually be increasing its plastic use. As it turns out, the new nitro lids that Starbucks is leaning on to replace straws are made up of more plastic than the company’s current lid/straw combination.

Right now, Starbucks patrons are topping most of their cold drinks with either 3.23 grams or 3.55 grams of plastic product, depending on whether they pair their lid with a small or large straw. The new nitro lids meanwhile weigh either 3.55 or 4.11 grams, depending again on lid size.

(I got these results by measuring Starbucks’ plastic straws and lids on two separate scales, both of which gave me the same results.)

This means customers are at best breaking even under Starbucks’ strawless scheme, or they are adding between .32 and .88 grams to their plastic consumption per drink. Given that customers are going to use a mix of the larger and smaller nitro lids, Starbucks’ plastic consumption is bound to increase, although it’s anybody’s guess as to how much. [snip]

The individuals pushing this are the ones who stated a dead whale had some wild number of straws in it’s stomach.They also claim that there is plastic trash and garbage the size of Texas floating mid-Pacific. Weird since satellite images never seem to image this monster.

These are the same “concerned” clods that coffee, donuts, eggs, breathing, sex, cars, polyester, fast food, elevator farts and backyard grilling were bad for you. The only way to survive all this was to send them money for more fax paper.
(they may be right about elevator farts, jury still out on this)


More from the Watermelons

Vermont has it’s share of Loons, both in Congress and out.Those not in office line up to follow the prevaricating Piper.

Rep. Welch looks to expand subsidies for electric vehicles as ‘green’ claims fade

Last week at an electric car charging station in Burlington, Rep. Peter Welch, D-Vt, announced legislation to expand subsidies for the electric vehicle market. The federal program currently has a cap limiting the taxpayer dollars that may be used to incentivize EV purchases.

“Transportation is the single largest contributor to greenhouse emissions in the United States. It is urgent that we transition to cleaner, more efficient modes of transportation,” Welch said at the event.

“My legislation will make electric vehicles and their charging stations more affordable while saving Vermonters money at the gas pump and reducing their environmental footprint.”

While buyers of electric vehicles currently may receive a federal tax credit of up to $7,500 to offset the higher cost of the cars, automakers each have a cap that limits the offer to only 200,000 cars. Some automakers expect to hit that cap this year

To free up even more taxpayer subsidies, Welch’s legislation, H.R. 6274, would eliminate the cap for 10 years and enable buyers to get the credit at the time of the purchase instead of having to wait until they filed their annual income tax return, as the law currently requires. [snip]

The news comes on the heels of an announcement from Tesla Motors last month that the EV manufacturer is laying off 9 percent of its workforce, about 3,600 workers. [snip]

H.R. 6274 is cosponsored in the U.S. House by Reps. Jacky Rosen, D-Nev., and Jared Huffman, D-Calif. In the U.S. Senate, Sen. Rep. Jeff Merkley, D-Ore., is expected to introduce similar legislation.

All this of course is the dream of the Watermelon Nation. Vermont as part of this group is destroying the views of the mountains and solar farms blight the once green farmland. Most Vermonters cannot afford a windup car much less a Tesla. As usual, the Progressives don’t care who gets wounded in the fight for a totally petro-free lifestyle.

The peasantry has trouble finding work; the Legislators work hard to drive out small for profit businesses by mandating a $15/hr wage for those flipping burgers or smoking their brains out. One can’t believe that the dopers need or want a Tesla to motor around looking for the next score.

Climate Foibles

Just when you think it’s safe to go into the water, the Arctic freezes over.


Arctic Ocean almost totally ice-covered – Map

On the 26th of June! Where’s that (so-called) global warming?

Look at this map.

  • Purple signifies sea-ice thickness of approximately ½ to 1½ meters (20 inches to 5 ft).
  • Blue or green signifies 1½ to 3 meters ( 5 ft to 10 ft) of ice.
  • Yellow or orange signifies 3 to 4 meters (10 ft to 13 ft) of ice.
  • Red signifies 4 to 5 meters (13 ft to 16 ft) of ice.
  • White signifies zero thickness of ice.

I don’t see much open water. Do you? [snip]

Strange as it may seem, the Climate Change fools actually are the deniers; they’re denying reality.

Biased Agendas

By now most of you have seen photos taken from space of the Earth. The images are so good one can make out the Great Wall in China, many smaller places and…well look at Google Earth for the details.
Which leads to the posit from the Watermelons, that we, the killers of Gaia have turned an area larger than Texas in the Pacific Ocean into a dump.

This ‘mess’ purportedly is filled with plastic bags, plastic soda straws bottles plates and all sorts of plastic wrappers…Oh hell, pick an item that the Watermelons detest. There floating out there. Why some poor whale that washed up on some liberal location was found to have 87 pounds or maybe it was 87oo pounds of plastic straws in it gut. Ghastly but no photos have been published showing this event.

Now comes to the real question. Given the size of this mass, why cannot any satellite photo, after all they cover the entire Earth find this immense splotch anywhere? Perhaps the Watermelons trained the water unicorns to conceal this dump from view just when the sky cameras are peeking around some 100,000 sq. miles.

What do you think?

Climate Foibles

YES! we’ll donate 25¢ toward a canoe provided the UN hops onboard and paddles the ‘Roaring Fortys’ from Australia to Chile.

U.N. official calls for ‘ark’ to save world from global warming-[endif]–>

Patricia Espinosa, the executive secretary of U.N. Climate Change, was speaking at a recent conference at the Vatican hosted by Pope Francis.

Climate-change skeptic Marc Morano of the Climate Depot site noted Espinosa urged the world “to make the fundamental, transformative changes necessary” to fight “global warming.”

The Vatican’s International Conference was titled “Saving our Common Home and the Future of Life on Earth.”

“If we truly want to make the fundamental, transformative changes necessary to combat climate change, perhaps what we need then is not a physical ark, but an ark of ambition for #climateaction,” she said on social media.

Espinosa echoed former U.N. climate chief Christiana Figueres, reported Morano.

Figueres called for “centralized transformation” that will make things “very different” for life on the plant. [snip]

“Climate change is about morality: who are we to willingly destroy the ancient and intricate beauty of the world? Climate change is about legacy: who are we to leave a debt of neglect to an unborn generation?”

Translation: Give us more of your money so we can sit in NYC and eat fine and expensive foods.

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