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Dishonest Abe


One of the many juicy tidbits released by Wikileaks about Hillary Clinton was that she holds different public and private policy positions, and chooses which to share depending on whether she’s speaking to the rabble, to wealthy donors, or to federal prosecutors while under oath. And at Sunday’s debate, she actually claimed to be emulating Abe Lincoln with this conveniently schizophrenic deception.

Just offhand, we’re guessing this isn’t a claim she’d make if face-to-face with the great rail-splitter’s ghost, especially if he were holding his axe. Which we admit is unlikely to happen, but isn’t it a lovely mental image?

And now, more Wikileaks documents are coming out about how her campaign coordinated with the DNC to screw poor old Bernie “Grab ’em by the pursestrings” Sanders, is illegally coordinating messages with Hillary’s Super-Pacs, was likely up to her eyeballs in arms sales which benefited ISIS, and on and on.

But in Hillary’s own words, “At this point, what difference does it make?!”

And sadly the answer is “very little.” Clinton’s supporters already know she’s a liar and law-breaker, and they don’t care. The mainstream media knows the same, and they don’t care.  The fix is in, although we’re still hoping that the tide can be turned by a big enough October surprise of the right kind – like secret video of Hillary using a nutcracker to split the skulls of living kittens, then eating their brains with a sherbet spoon.

Although she’d still probably get away with it by claiming that George Washington did the same.


We don’t care what your politics are, this is funny stuff…

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