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History was made this week (accompanied, at least in our imagination, by the kettle drum pounding theme from “2001: A Space Odyssey”) when mankind’s oldest ancestor met the most evolved human being on the planet.

Specifically, officials in Ethiopia brought the fossilized bones of Lucy (Australopithecus afarensis) to their national palace for Barack Obama (Halfricanus offensivus) to poke and prod with his booger-hunting finger, which should lead to some pretty confusing DNA analysis in the future.

According to scientists, Lucy, who is 3.2 million years old (but doesn’t look a day over 3.1 million), stood only about 3 feet tall, was covered with hair, had a very small brain, and could stand erect to spot predators – making it very likely that she could have negotiated a better deal with Iran.

The president asked “how many jumps” it took to go from Lucy to modern man, perhaps believing that kangaroos figured into the mix somewhere. A scientist confirmed there were “multiple generations” leading to Homo Sapiens. “And just think,” the president no doubt thought sadly, “they couldn’t even order wedding cakes until I got here.”

Obama later said of his meeting with Lucy that “we are reminded that all the people of the world are all part of the same human family.” Which should come as good news to both Planned Parenthood and democrats, since that pretty much makes every pregnancy the result of incest. [snip]

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Flags have been used to define one’s fealty and position in hard times.
Loon Watch thought you might want to know how the South views the Battle Flag and how the Republicans view their Battle Flag.


Venezuela has many problems one of them is having a Socialist Government. They’re going to have a greater problem exacerbated by that government. Once the food distribution is controlled by the government, the opposition will be starved out. This is about power, not humanity.

Amid Shortages, Venezuela Forces All Food Distribution into State Hands

What began as rumors of state meddling in the food-distribution market in Venezuela were finally confirmed on Monday. The Nicolás Maduro government is compelling the country’s food producers to send up to 100 percent of their output to state-owned distribution centers and stores, in an attempt to solve the nation’s shortage problems.
This according to Pablo Baraybar, president of the Venezuelan Food Industry Chamber (CAVIDEA), who explained that the National Agro-Food Superintendency — a governmental entity in charge of managing food distribution in the country — has ordered affiliated firms to send the majority of their products to PDVAL, MERCAL, Bicentenario supermarkets, and other establishments of the state-run network.

In Venezuela, the national government manages the distribution of food. It’s the executive, through the ministries, who decides which stores in what part of the country will get the products.

Baraybar, however, believes the measure will make the scarcity problem even worse. He claims the network of private supermarkets has 15 times more establishments than the state: 113,000 private stores all over the country versus 7,245 that are state run. This means the government plans to give most of the food to the smaller sector of the national distribution network. [[snip]

“If all the expropriated industries were operating at full capacity, we would be able to provide the state network without having to reduce the supply to the private sector,” Baraybar said.

The CAVIDEA president warns that this new policy will not solve the shortage problem, nor will it help curb the so-called bachaqueo — the resale of products at a substantial markup in the black market.

“Diverting production [to the state network] is not the answer. CAVIDEA has always proposed that the solution is to increase production,” Baraybar said. “Sixty-seven percent of the bachaqueo occurs in large [distribution] channels, be it public or private. The more production is diverted, the more we are enabling the bachaqueo.” [snip]

Venezuela’s Inflation Spiraling Out of Control

According to a survey conducted by the Venezuelan consulting firm Datanálisis in June, scarcity in the state-distribution network has reached a staggering 80 percent in at least one store, MERCAL (Mercados de Alimentos, C.A.).

In May, 60.7 percent of basic foodstuffs in Caracas were afflicted by shortages, and this week, the South American country woke up to the news that the cost of a basic basket of goods rose to 54,204 Bs. — eight times the federal minimum wage.

The few products that Venezuelans can get their hands on have increased in price by roughly 27 percent in a single month. The Documentation Center for Social Analysis (Cendas-FVM) called the price spike in May a “historical increase … that could signal the beginning of hyperinflation.” [snip]

You’re watching the end game of Venezuela’s Socialist Government. When the hyperinflation grips the country, the black market will be the only means of barter or fiscal transactions. The government’s “Official Rates” become meaningless.The Promise Yeah, these fools constantly believe in Socialism and the Tooth Fairy.
Facts and history never convince them.


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