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Corruption rules DC! The people know it and the likes of Rove do also. Which is why they are pushing so hard to keep the bought and sold pols in office like Bush, Paul, Rubio and such while deploring the likes of Trump, Carson and Fiorina.

A PieThe GOP is taking the pie in the face from the voters and the non-politicians. They deserve it for before the elections they promised much; afterwards all the excuses as to why they couldn’t do anything tumbled out of Congressional halls.

The Evangelicals will have to decide what to do since Huckabee, Santorum and Perry won’t be going any where this time around. Graham, Gilmore, Pataki, Jindal, Christie and Kasich will be the next batch to drop out.

Trump, Carson, Cruz, Fiorina, Walker and Rubio will be the final six. Bush even with all the money doesn’t have the popularity except with the party elite. They’ll try to keep him in the race because they need a sock puppet.

Carson, Cruz and Trump can and will provide all the excitement one could want. Now it is up to the local wardheelers to find TEA Party and Libertarian candidates to run in the local, state and Congressional elections. The new President is going to need people he/she can work with to put in new leaders in the Senate and House. McConnell and Boehner have to go.

It’s a job and it needs to be done!


We held this back for a time in order for the heat of the moment to subside; We wanted the absurdity of the relationship between the events can be seen. There is far too much of this dissonance occurring today.

No matter how one views it, this is a symptom of mental illness, comes from living on the Liberal Plantation.
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Requesting Loved Ones Not Vote For Hillary in Obituaries Is Becoming A Thing

The Washington Free Beacon reports:

n Arkansas man has requested in his obituary that loved ones do not vote for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election, making him at least the third individual to do so since Clinton launched her campaign in April.

The obituary for Richard Buckman of Beebe, Ark., reads, “In lieu of flowers, please do not vote for Hillary,” mirroring text that was included in a recent obituary for a deceased New Jersey woman.

Buckman died on Aug. 22 at the age of 75, three days after news broke that the obituary for 63-year-old Elaine Fyrdrych of Gloucester Township, N.J., advised funeral goers, “Elaine requests, ‘In lieu of flowers, please do not vote for Hillary Clinton.’”

Indeed, such requests have become something of a trend. The obituary for a 81-year-old North Carolina man who died the day after Clinton launched her presidential campaign also asked loved ones to refrain from voting for the Democratic presidential candidate.

“The family respectfully asks that you do not vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016,” the obituary for Larry Darrell Upright read.

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Jewish Humor

Moshe meets his friend Sidney in Brent Cross shopping centre.

“What’s the matter Sidney?” asks Moshe, “you’re looking a bit agitated.”

“It’s probably because I’ve just learned that my wife Talia has run off with my best friend,” replies Sidney.

“Oy vey,” says Moshe, “I’m sorry to hear this. But how could your best friend do this to you? And who is he, this best friend of yours?”

“I’ve absolutely no idea who he is,” replies Sidney. “But he’s certainly my best friend now.”

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How to figure out who is in what party



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