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A lot of people are realizing they had the wool pulled over their eyes by Obama.

~ Clint Eastwood

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A woman’s views on the importance of exercise

I never found it easy to go on my walks. But I got around this by always walking early in the morning – before my brain could figure out what I was about to do.

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Turnabout is Foul Play?

Turnabout is Foul Play 1Although we’ve paraphrased, Trump said ALL of this stuff and more.

GOP heads exploded Wednesday night when Senator Ted Cruz spoke at the Republican National Convention and spoke passionately of the need to defend freedom and the constitution…and got booed off the stage for his trouble.

The reason? He failed to endorse Donald Trump by name, and instead told the audience to consider who will be best for America and then vote their conscience. It’s pretty hard to see that as an endorsement of Hillary “Cackles” Clinton, but many Trump supporters seem to have taken it that way – oddly suggesting that they think that there’s some inherent schism between supporting the constitution and voting for the now-official GOP nominee.

Personally, Hope n’ Change thinks Cruz gave the closest thing to a pro-Trump endorsement humanly possible while still retaining a shred of integrity after the myriad personal attacks the billionaire made on his family and character during the primary campaign.  Any “pledge” was rendered moot by Mr. Trump himself – after all, how could he have eventually “supported” any other candidate credibly after having destroyed their reputations through name-calling and vile assertions during the primary season?

Moreover, by eloquently making the case for conservative values (something we’d frankly like to see Mr. Trump do), Cruz was certainly making it clear that our nation can’t afford to have Hillary in the White House. And by telling hardcore conservatives that they must not stay home on election day, and must cast votes up and down the GOP ticket, he was reminding even those not in love with Trump that there is more at stake here than one candidate, and many more offices which must be held or won.[snip]

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