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The Governor’s race in Vermont has some real twists. Sue Minter(D) is as Progressive as one can get and not be locked up as a menace to the public.
From the State with a number of Loons…
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As before stated, we won’t post gratuitous nudity. Today’s Day by Day did. If any news or political site has nudity as an integral part of the story, it will be published. If you want to see today’s Day by Day here’s the link.

Luck of the…

Irish French English Hondurans! Being an illegal alien he’s going to get a DoJ legal team to represent him, and probably a change of venue to oh say, a Honduran enclave just for jury selection. At worst, probation is in his future.

Baton Rouge floods: Workers’ bus in deadly crash

An undocumented immigrant (that is an illegal alien for those of you who don’t know-Added statement) was piloting a charter bus that he wasn’t licensed to drive when it crashed Sunday morning in Louisiana, killing two people and injuring dozens, police said.
The bus was full of workers headed to Baton Rouge on Interstate 10 to help with the flooding cleanup, said Louisiana State Police Trooper Melissa Matey.

The driver was Denis Yasmir Amaya Rodriguez, an undocumented immigrant from Honduras, Matey said.

One of those killed was St. John the Baptist Parish Fire District Chief Spencer Chauvin, Matey said.
The wreck happened at 6:40 a.m when the black charter bus came up on a blocked crash scene on Interstate 10 where Chauvin and two firefighters were assisting at a minor accident near LaPlace, Louisiana, west of New Orleans by Lake Pontchartrain.
“The bus driver lost control of the bus, struck a fire truck, veered across the right lane, striking other vehicles, then veered and struck three firefighters, who, all three, were thrown over the guardrail,” Matey said.
While the bus was transporting workers, it was a party bus belonging to Kristina’s Transportation LLC/AM Party Bus out of Jefferson, Louisiana, Matey said. [snip]

That should make it all OK. It was a PARTY BUS and you know how those work, everyone on board gets to be raucous and happy.
So Mr. Illegal gets to join in by mashing that petal to the metal and “getting hat”.

The road was wet from light rain, but troopers who are investigating the crash don’t know if weather was the main cause of the accident, Matey said.
Rodriguez, who was also treated at a hospital, will be booked into the St. John the Baptist Correctional Center and charged with two counts of negligent homicide, reckless operation, and having no driver’s license, Matey said.

Loretta will get him off with probation.

Would you buy a car from these idiots?

Have you awakened yet and started to buy negotiable goods such as metals, art, antiques or land. Time is running out for good prices and availability.

Global central bankers beg for help from governments

Meanwhile, back in the USA…

The Fed and rate hikes,
‘A Brave New World’

Translation: We don’t have a clue…

These financial wizards have run the world’s economies into the ditch. The Keynesian economics practiced should have had these individuals fired and then brought up on charges for banking mis and malfeasance. Everywhere these naifs have placed their peanut butter and jelly coated fingers became a fiscal disaster zone.

Global central bankers, stuck at zero, unite in plea for help from governments

Central bankers in charge of the vast bulk of the world’s economy delved deep into the weeds of money markets and interest rates over a three-day conference here, and emerged with a common plea to their colleagues in the rest of government: please help.

Mired in a world of low growth, low inflation and low interest rates, officials from the Federal Reserve, Bank of Japan and the European Central Bank said their efforts to bolster the economy through monetary policy may falter unless elected leaders stepped forward with bold measures. These would range from immigration reform in Japan to structural changes to boost productivity and growth in the U.S. and Europe. [snip]

Fiscal policy was not on the formal agenda for the conference, but it was a steady part of the dialogue as policymakers thought through policies for a post-crisis world. One of the central worries is that households and businesses have become so cautious and set in their outlooks – expecting little growth and little inflation – that they do not respond in expected ways to the efforts central banks have made.

That has included flooding the financial system with cash, and voicing a steady commitment to their inflation targets in an effort to make people believe they will be met. [snip]

The European Union is falling apart, banks are charging negative interest rates in hopes that people will spend money. They are but they’re buying metals, land and things that will hold value with the coming economic crash.

Given that all the Socialist/Progressive economic policies haven’t worked so far, according to the Banking Poobahs, they just need to try them harder.
Nothing like grinding what doesn’t work right into the ground.

As Fed nears rate hikes, policymakers plan for ‘brave new world’

Federal Reserve policymakers are signaling they could raise U.S. interest rates soon but they are already weighing new tools they may need to fight the next recession.

We don’t think they need to worry about fighting the next recession. Their record shows they didn’t do very well fighting this one. We’re mired hip deep with a batch of shlubs worrying about inflation.

A solid U.S. labor market “has strengthened” the case for the first rate increase since last December, Fed Chair Janet Yellen told a central banking conference in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Several of her colleagues said the increase could come as soon as next month if the economy does well.

Further rate hikes are expected to be few and far between as the U.S. central bank tries to balance a desire to fuel growth against worries it could overheat the economy.

But Fed officials at three-day conference that ended Saturday also said they need to consider new policy tools for use down the road, such as raising the inflation target or even Fed purchases of non-government-backed assets like corporate debt.

Such ideas would test the limits of political feasibility and some would need congressional approval. The view within the Fed is that it could take effort to win over a public already skeptical of the unconventional policies the Fed undertook during the last crisis. [snip]

Has anyone grabbed one of those strengthened labor market jobs they yammer about so much?
Maybe they should toss Keynes book on economics into the trash and start use Friedman’s textbook. Ah but that is like telling Mohammad to give up the Q’oran.

Socialist/Progressives are ardent believers in the Lord Keynes. They just cannot figure out why he isn’t in the pantheon of fiscal Gods with all the smart ones.

Hope n’ Change

Race to the Bottom

Race to the Bottom 1

So after 8 years of an historic black presidency, the contest to choose his replacement is boiling down to a single critical issue: which candidate hates black people the most.

Frankly, the cartoon above says what we want it too without much need for additional explanation. The country has gone out of its freaking mind on the subject of race, owing to the long term combination of liberal government policies (some well-intended, some less so) which have decimated black families and communities, and the Democrats’ realization that they can harvest votes by keeping black Americans on a new and impoverished plantation. And it makes us sick.

Hope n’ Change is old enough to remember rampant racism in this nation. Some of it casual, some of it hateful – but all of it unacceptable. We saw the “colored” drinking fountains with our own eyes, heard the cruel and casual use of the n-word, remember ax handles (suitable for beating uppity blacks who wanted to enter schools or restaurants) being handed out as Democratic campaign souvenirs, and saw the struggle for civil rights playing out in the streets of Selma.

We’ve seen so much progress since those days. And tragically, we’ve also seen so much of that progress lost for the previously mentioned reasons.

Readers of Hope n’ Change know that we’re not big fans of Donald Trump, but on this particular topic he’s right. Trapping black Americans in poverty and entitlement programs for the purpose of collecting their votes is absolutely bigotry, as is the liberal belief that they’re doing black Americans a huge favor because (looking around, then whispering) they’re just not smart enough or motivated enough to take care of themselves. 

Our one initial hope for Barack Obama was that he could become a racial healer. Instead we got a political pyromaniac who will be leaving his post with the country burning.

These are serious issues, being treated unseriously by unserious people. In marked contrast to the little-reported efforts made by unfairly reviled House Speaker, Paul Ryan, to truly understand the problems of black American inner cities and propose sweeping and realistic solutions.

If Hillary is elected, she will continue stoking the racial fires that her predecessor has built. If Trump wins, he’s promising to actually do something to reverse the current disastrous course of race relations in this nation.

Do we believe him? Only “maybe.” But that’s one helluva lot more than we believe Hillary, Barry, or the rest of the Democratic “good massahs” who seek political empowerment from the suffering imposed on others.

Jewish Humor

A great rosh yeshiva is sitting at a wedding reception with his wife (yes, his wife) next to him.
When the dessert arrives, his eyes open wide and he smiles. He then takes a huge slice of cake, then another, then….

His wife looks at him and says, “You really shouldn’t be having that.”

And he replies, “That’s it! From now onwards, separate seating at simchas!”

rosh yeshiva: Title given to the president of a Talmudical academy (yeshiva). It is made up of the Hebrew words rosh (head) and yeshiva (a school of religious Jewish education.) The rosh yeshiva is required to have a vast and penetrating knowledge of the Talmud and the ability to achieve a level of mastery of his material and an ability to analyse and present new perspectives, called chidushim (novellae), verbally and often in print.
simcha: A joyous celebration




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