Christmas Cheer and good for four years

Yes! And watch the following video

of the fools who said Trump would

never be President.

Cognitive dissonance


It is impossible for those who so proudly claim the label Progressive/Liberal/Socialist to avoid making total asses of them selves. If they were in a fresh pasture with only one wet cow pie, all of them wold manage to step in it. (If you have ANY farm experience, you will know just how ridiculously impossible this is.)

As an era closes, Barbara Boxer defends politics as a ‘noble’ profession ~ [snip] In 1991, Boxer championed the cause of law professor Anita Hill, who had accused Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment. In a made-for-television bit of drama, she led a clutch of congresswomen up the steps of the Senate to demand that Hill’s charges be investigated. [snip]

If this doesn’t tell you what kind of BS Boxer’s time in the Senate consisted, you’ve been smoking large amounts of Obama’s choom right along with him.

Sad! Alec Baldwin Reportedly Struggling to Cope With Election Results ~ In the latest installment of our Make Schadenfreude Great Again! series, please taste the salty tears of ill-tempered Hollywood lefty Alec Baldwin — most recently known for his extremely unflattering portrayal of Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live. Trump was frequently depicted as a sure loser on the show, a predicted outcome that Baldwin clearly relished. But the Republican ticket prevailed in a major upset, and the actor sounds like he’s struggling to cope with that new reality. [snip]

Whatever Baldwin decides to do next, we have to wonder if it includes punching out some passerby who happened to be outside his door.

FAIL: PRWeek’s ‘Survey’ of 22 PR Pros Found ZERO Predictions for Trump ~

The pre-election predictions of communications professionals surveyed by PRWeek proved to be unanimously – and embarrassingly – wrong. Could every PR executive in the U.S. have been so off, or was this a case of media bias in choosing the “experts?”

On Nov. 8, PRWeek published “They’re with her: PR execs predict a resounding Clinton victory,” in which it reported the pre-election predictions of 22 communications professionals – not one of whom predicted Donald Trump would win the election. Not only were their predictions wrong, they were embarrassingly wrong, with some apparently more influenced by personal opinion than science.

As a result of the overwhelming inaccuracy of the experts surveyed, PRWeek’s “biggest lesson” for PR executives proved wrong:

“The greatest irony here and the biggest lesson for communications professionals: Donald Trump may lose tomorrow because millions of Latino, Muslim, and women voters he vilified – Democrats and Republicans among them—help push Hillary to victory.”

No, the “greatest irony here” is that those who make a living as barometers, and drivers, of public opinion could all be so far off. [snip]

One can only hope that they bet every item of value they own on their prognostications. Maybe their first born, but they probably value their car more highly.

Charlie Rangel on How America Changed ~

This year’s election taught Rep. Charles B. Rangel that America has changed.
“It’s abundantly clear that the standards that Alexander Hamilton expected to find for candidates for president have been lowered,” the New York Democrat said, speaking of President-elect Donald Trump.

“It’s ironic that we find a person that, by all standards, has more experience and is better qualified, having a two-and-a-half-million-votes edge in the popular vote and Donald Trump edging out in the Electoral College vote,” he added.

For two generations, Rangel has been the only congressman Harlem residents have ever known. He is the second-longest-serving current House member, behind only Michigan Democratic Rep. John Conyers Jr., and has been in office since 1971.

Rangel, 86, knows Congress, and the country, better than most. [snip]

Rangel has to be one of the poster boys for what is wrong with having these clowns in Congress for so long. In spite of getting caught in all sorts of shady deals, he got reelected because of racial voting patterns. Rangel brought the bacon home to Harlem, promptly took half for himself and handed out the rest to his cronies.

Day by Day


Jewish Humor

The Titanic is sinking and Louis and his wife Naomi find themselves in the same life raft.

Unfortunately however, this life raft has been damaged during the panic to throw it overboard, and it was also very slowly sinking. And to make matters worse, the water around them was ice cold; there are sharks all around them; they have no food or drink; nor is there any kind of weapon or emergency flare on board.

After a few minutes of silence, Louis turns to his wife and says, “I suppose we shouldn’t be too ungrateful, Naomi. Things could have been much worse.”

“What on earth do you mean – things could have been much worse?” replies Naomi, “Are you meshugga or something? How could it be any worse?”

“Well,” replies Louis, “we could have bought return tickets!”

The Millennials



Ponder this

If you’re interested in ‘balancing’ work and pleasure, stop trying to balance them. Instead make your work more pleasurable.

~ Donald Trump

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