This seems to be a bit of the opposite ends of the spectrum.

Pagans gather for

elaborate Wiccan funeral

of celebrated Cornish


Hundreds of people dressed as witches are to attend the pagan funeral of a practising wizard.

Eron the Wizard – real name Ian Wilson – died of cancer aged 62 and his last wish was for a Wiccan funeral.

High priestess Julia Stoiber, a close friend of Ian, will be flying in from Austria to head Thursday’s ceremony, which begins with four torch bearers representing the elements. [snip]

She said: “To me, he was just my dad but he was different to others. He was a practising wizard who looked like Merlin and even carried a staff.

“He travelled all over the UK telling people to believe in magic. [snip]

Guess he just didn’t have that old ‘magickal’ tough for healing.

Meanwhile another witch gets her own funeral

Woman accused of

witchcraft axed to death

in Papua New Guinea

Police in Papua New Guinea vowed to find the men who axed to death a woman accused of using witchcraft to spark a measles outbreak in the country’s remote jungle highlands, a missionary said on Wednesday after meeting authorities.

The woman, Mifila, was one of four women accused with 13 of their family members of using sorcery to cause measles deaths last November in the village of Fiyawena, in Enga province, said Lutheran missionary Anton Lutz.

Women are often accused and killed in witch hunts even though laws passed in 2013 make revenge killings over black magic punishable by death. Human Rights Watch earlier this year named Papua New Guinea as one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a woman due to gender based violence. [snip]

“The villagers are still scared that the men will come back. It’s still a tense situation for the community,” he said, adding that the only access to the village is by walking for several hours or getting a plane to a local landing strip.

“It’s deep jungle out there … This is a big piece of jungle for people to hide in.”

Police could not immediately be reached for comment.

Papua New Guinea is one of the poorest countries in the world with the majority of its 7 million people living in traditional societies.

People in the country are deeply superstitious and accusations of sorcery are commonly used to explain deaths caused by disease or to kill rivals or enemies.

Sounds like Baltimore or Chicago. Well, what can one expect from a bunch of pagans.

The Millennials

Losers 02

Toon in


Day by Day


Jewish Humor

An elderly Italian Jewish man wanted to unburden his guilty conscience by talking to his Rabbi.

“Rabbi, during World War II, when the Germans entered Italy, I pretended to be a ‘goy” and changed my name from Levi to Spamoni and I am alive today because of it.”

“Self preservation is important and the fact that you never forgot that you were a Jew is admirable,” said the Rabbi.

“Rabbi, a beautiful Jewish woman knocked on my door and asked me to hide her from the Germans. I hid her in my attic and they never found her.”

“That was a wonderful thing you did and you have no need to feel guilty.”
“It’s worse Rabbi. I was weak and allowed her to repay me for my efforts with her sexual favours.”

“You were both in great danger and would have suffered terribly if the Germans had found her. There is a favourable balance between good and evil and you will be judged kindly. Give up your feelings of guilt.”

“Thank you, Rabbi. That’s a great load off my mind. But I have one more question.”

“And what is that?”

“Should I tell her the war is over?”

Squealing Lefties

The DoJ issued a new ruling after the FBI raided a French traveling sideshow this past weekend.

The revised Miranda ruling states that:
“Mimes don’t have the right to remain silent.”

Don’t you love it…

…when a plan comes together?

This has to be the end game for the White House and The DoJ: Ethnic Cleansing of American Inner Cities.
The only drawback to this was the absence of a white cop shooting a black during a confrontation. Unfortunately for the Administration and for the black community at large one has to believe, the softer policing approach is working but not as planned. (Or is it)Urban planners

Baltimore Bloodshed Continues; 29 Shot, 9 Dead Over Holiday Weekend

It’s the deadliest month Baltimore has seen in more than 15 years. More than two dozen shootings over the holiday weekend alone have city police working around the clock.

Now, leaders hope community members come forward to help stop the violence.

From West Baltimore, to the East Side, Govans, to Reservoir Hill–a spike in weekend violence is plaguing all parts of the city. Over the Memorial Day Weekend alone– city police report 28 shootings and 9 homicides.

Baltimore Police say they responded to 6 shootings on Friday night, 7 on Saturday, 5 on Sunday and 11 by night fall on Monday.

One of those include a double shooting in which a 9-year-old boy was found shot in the leg and a man who suffered a grazed wound to his head. [snip]

This must be a Democrat thing. They have been in control of this city for years. If they didn’t wish it to be like this, it wouldn’t be so. Ergo, this is the result they want.

12 Killed, 43 Wounded In Memorial Day Weekend Shootings

Twelve people were killed and at least 43 — including a 4-year-old girl — were wounded in shootings across Chicago this Memorial Day weekend, police said. [snip]

Another quiet weekend in Chicago. The weather report said with the day’s hating, they could expect a storm of bullets in the evening.
Another Democrat Stronghold where the conditions are as they want them. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t exist as they do. Just some more ethnic cleansing.

De Blasio doesn’t sweat NYC’s murder spike

Mayor de Blasio on Tuesday brushed off a spike in murders and shootings across the city, saying it’s hardly the return of New York’s bad old days.

“The fact is in some boroughs we have seen some increases,” de Blasio said. “In others, we’ve seen decreases.

“For those of us who were here in the bad old days when we had 2,000 murders or more a year, a lot of everyday citizens were getting caught by those crossfires.”

Murders are up 15 percent this year, from 107 to 123, as of Sunday night — but the mayor downplayed the statistics, blaming the city’s “sore spots” on a small group of career criminals.

Two more people were murdered between Monday and Tuesday, bringing this year’s total to 125.

“There’s been obviously tremendous police presence in some of the precincts where we’ve had the particular challenges,” de Blasio said. “I think it’s clear that what we have primarily here is a gang and crew problem.” [snip]

Not to worry, NYC will catch up with the other Liberal Socialist enclaves; De Blasio says he’s not worried. He make it happen.


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