Fear of education over indoctrination rampant in Vermont

The terror of school choice in Vermont is reaching new levels with the election of “The Donald” to high office.
A realization reached into those dark recesses of even the slowest of the Bernie myrmidons, that the change in the air isn’t a new dose of Soma, but the fracture of the dome which has sealed Vermont from reality and sanity for the last eight years will touch the mutable minds of the tykes of the faux Vermonters. Life on the Liberal Plantation is not going to be the same.
You may read the entire text at Watchdog.org

Proposed rule changes could threaten Vermont’s school choice

Proposed rule changes that affect independent schools caused an uproar at two well-attended public events last month, but opposing parties say they are aware of each other’s viewpoints and are continuing talks.

The controversial changes, which were proposed by the Vermont Board of Education and would impact over 80 private schools, will require more school financial accountability, a demonstration of open admission policies and wider special education opportunities for students with those needs.

Vermont’s four largest private academies — St. Johnsbury Academy, Burr and Burton Academy, Lyndon Institute and Thetford Academy — would be affected by the rules, as well as smaller schools such as the Compass School in Westminster, which enrolls 70 students. [snip]

At the two public hearings in December — one at Burr and Burton Academy in Manchester, and the other St. Johnsbury Academy in St. Johnsbury — state board members got an earful regarding the perceived threat to local school choice.

Angelique McAlpine, founder of School Choice Vermont, a volunteer organization supporting tuitioning and school choice laws, said that the public reaction in choice towns is understandable.

“Tuitioning in Vermont has been part of the educational landscape for about 140 years,” McAlpine told Watchdog. [snip]

McAlpine said that there are approximately 90 choice towns with students who are tuitioned with public dollars to attend a school of their choice.

According to Mark Tashjian, headmaster of Burr and Burton Academy, approximately 800 people attended the second rule-change meeting at his school. Over 400 people attended the first meeting at St. Johnsbury Academy.

“Everyone involved is trying to do what’s best for Vermont and for the kids. The problem is really different perspectives,” Tashjian told Watchdog.

“I consider the proposed rules to be devastating, but we’re moving productively. The proposed changes would have a profound impact on Vermont’s choice towns — so that’s why this is a school choice issue. The effect would be reducing the choices that are available.” [snip]

With the Federal government sticking it’s nose into every crevice of local education; under a Progressive boot on neck governance form, the rule of money, not sanity and reason becomes the driver since debt accrues faster than the taxed can be soaked. Therefore any dollars that flow to something other than public education is more than frowned upon with fulmination.

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