Perhaps Ellison might be believes if he wasn’t a Muslim.Not just a Muslim but a radical individual in all manners of dealings with others. We don’t have to prove this, his actions and speeches fill in all the nooks and cracks.

Let him speak to this:

As barbaric a ritual that it is, it fits with with Islam’s actions and beliefs toward women. American Feminazis constantly clamoring for Women’s Rights cheerfully ignore this male abuse of the opposite sex. It interferes with the overall agenda which is to turn all men into pussies and women into lesbians.

Ellison denies allegations of domestic abuse of ex-girlfriend

Keith Ellison, one of the leading candidates to be Minnesota’s next attorney general, confronted allegations Sunday of domestic abuse of a former girlfriend that surfaced days before the election that will decide the party’s nominee.

The allegation that the physical abuse was caught on video was posted to Facebook late Saturday night by the woman’s son, four days before Minnesota’s primary election, where Ellison is facing off against four other Democrats for the open attorney general’s seat.

Ellison is a six-term 5th District congressman and the perceived front-runner in the race. In a written statement Sunday, Ellison denied the incident. [snip]

Of course he denies those accusations. If my memory serves me,it usually does, someone names Bill Cosby said something similar. Didn’t Weinstein say he didn’t do anything wrong. A fast check of many of the celebs in Hollyweird and NYC sing this same refrain.

State Rep. Debra Hilstrom, who also is running for the Democratic nomination for attorney general, recirculated the Facebook post and called on Ellison to answer the allegation. She tweeted the Saturday account from Austin Monahan, the son of Karen Monahan, Ellison’s former longtime girlfriend. By Sunday afternoon the post had been shared more than 2,000 times.

Hilstrom was later joined by Democratic candidates Matt Pelikan and Tom Foley, who separately called for Ellison to address the allegation.

In the post, Austin Monahan, 25, said that in 2017 he was going through his mother’s computer when he saw a file that included a two-minute video showing Ellison in a physical altercation with his mother. [snip]

First they deny, then they lie and finally we get a perp walk. It is permissible to lie to an infidel, more so required.

When you wonder whose side he favors, remember he supports AntiFa, Black Lives Matter and George Soros.
Let us give him the Black Power Fist in proper use.

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