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Today, in NYC, a mob of individuals with a mental condition which permits no rational thought will march for Global Cooling or against Global Warming.

They’re going to have a moment of silence.

After a moment of silence at 1 pm, participants will be encouraged to use instruments, alarms and whistles to make as much noise as possible, helped by marching bands and the tolling of church bells.

That’s a moment of silence; as written above, there is a mental condition which does not permit rational thought.
They’re protesting the use of fossil fuels, especially coal, but oil, gas through fracking, cow farts, most methods of transportation and all forms of heating except sitting next to sun heated rocks. The mentality of these eco-nuts is best summed up by images.Green Protest

Tens of thousands expected at New York climate march

Celebrities, activists and political leaders are expected to join more than 100,000 people in New York Sunday for what could be the largest climate change protest in history, organizers said.

Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio, former US vice president turned advocate Al Gore, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio are due to take part in the “People’s Climate March.”The event has been endorsed by more than 1,400 organizations, including environment, faith and justice groups, as well as labor unions. Students have mobilized marchers at more than 300 college campuses. [snip]

More than 120 heads of state and almost 40 ministers are due to attend the summit that Ban hopes will energize negotiations on reaching a deal on cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

The meeting will set the stage for a crucial conference in Paris in December 2015 aimed at finalizing an agreement.

“We are breaking ground here on many different levels,” UN climate chief Christiana Figueres told reporters.

“First, we’re going to see unprecedented public mobilization for climate action.”

If these purported believers really wished to accomplish something, they would unplug THEIR air-conditioners and their electric cars. They shut off the oil, gas or electric heat to their homes. Why can’t they live off the grid with just wind turbines and solar panels like they want us to live. They can start by ridding themselves of their polyester shoes, clothes and any material in their homes that is made from fossil materials. Once and only once they purify themselves can they perform their saintly chants.

After reading the story, it would have been more humorous and quite apropos if they had hired 22 rack body trucks to haul these Watermelons to NYC.

If you want to baffle them just ask them why that frozen place with the ice they so worry about is called Greenland; what should and could be done to restore it to that condition.

1,000-plus Vermonters head to New York City for Climate March

Middlebury — Over 1,000 Vermonters who are concerned about climate change will attending the People’s Climate March taking place in New York City on Sept. 21.

#These Vermonters are the people advocating for clean energy production, stopping the fracked gas pipeline in Addison County, rejecting the Northeast Kingdom tar-sands pipeline, and divesting from fossil fuel corporations.

#On Sept. 23, the United Nations will meet to discuss global commitments on climate change.

#A diverse coalition of Vermont organizations, grassroots community leaders, student groups, and faith organizations have collaborated to bring 22 busloads of Vermonters to New York City for the People’s Climate March. Other Vermonters are traveling by carpool, train, and bicycle to attend the march. [snip]

Ben and Jerry’s provided eight buses to bring Vermonters to Manhattan Island for the march. After these buses rapidly filled, generous donations from the Vermont Chapter of the Sierra Club, private donors, and numerous small donations help to subsidize an additional nine buses. Several other groups organized another five buses, for a total of 22 Vermont buses.

1000± Vermont individuals, obviously with little care for Global Warming and greenhouse gases, exhibited diminished abilities by using every transportation conveyance to attend Socialist Capitol of NY State. In the story, it is alleged some are traveling by bicycle. Perhaps, but if so they left sometime in the beginning of last week. It’s around 200 miles to NYC from Middlebury as the crow flies. A bit more when the crow has to wind around mountains, rivers and up hills dodging traffic.

Snickers & Snarks

The pompous Flacks that call themselves the media must be having a difficult time wording this story. Fencehoppers are not mentioned in the hack news; bad form to color Obama’s Administration with such tales.

Particularly since this individual is of Latino extraction (all reports carefully left out citizenship or immigration status) bounded over the White House fence and made it to the residence door. A real ‘Speedy Gonzales’ which also happens to be his surname.

Fence-Jumping Double Standards

Shortly after 7 pm on Friday, a 42 year-old central Texas man identified by authorities as Omar J. Gonzalez jumped the White House fence and managed to enter the front door of the President’s residence. Justifiably, a great deal of concern has been expressed by lawmakers and security experts over the incident. Media outlets across the country have posted stories about the incident using headlines such as this one from ABC News saying “Fence-Jumper Makes It Into the White House”. I’m just wondering if we changed that headline to read “Fence-Jumper Makes it Into America”, would it get a different reaction?

The first version of the headline reports that a man, apparently of Hispanic descent (no mention has been made of his citizenship or immigration status) who jumped the fence and illegally entered the White House, and the second version could be about a man of Hispanic descent who jumped the border fence and entered the country illegally. Why does a single incidence of a fence breach generate so much excitement and concern when it takes place at the White House when the same thing happens hundreds of times a day along our border and no one seems to be concerned? Why did the Secret Service arrest Omar Gonzalez and remove him from the White House when those who enter the country illegally are surrendering to the Border Patrol and being welcomed with open arms?

Absolutely, I understand the need to keep the President and his family safe from those who would cause them harm, but the double standard here is unmistakable. Almost two years ago, in an effort to illustrate the double standard presented by Gun-Free Zones used to ‘protect’ children’s’ schools while the President and his family are given armed guards, I posted a White House Petition to eliminate Secret Service protection for the President and his family and replacing it with a Gun Free Zone. That petition did get enough signatures to warrant a response from the White House, and it also generated a considerable amount of discussion on the internet, and even made a segment on the Fox News show “The Five”. Although most people understood the point I was trying to make, I was surprised how many completely missed it. [snip]

The real question is why do we need a fence around the White House. According to the Congress (they never spent the money appropriated) we don’t need a fence on the border. For all we know Omar just wanted to give Garry a warm “Hola” and thank him for everything.

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Media help

Piggy Report

Bad pols 468
They certainly have a marvelous collection of strange campaigning styles up there. Given the results, others won’t be emulating this practice in the immediate future, but who knows; politicians do some very strange things when running for office. This is a perfect example:
Donk voters

Politician accused of dropping pants, hurling racist slurs dropping out of race

SOUTH PLAINFIELD — A borough council candidate is bowing out of his race after revelations that he allegedly shouted racist slurs while mooning patrons of a local diner.

Joe Sorrentino, in a statement released Wednesday by his Democratic ticket, said he made a “stupid mistake” seven years ago, but learned from it. Local Republicans released police reports Wednesday detailing two separate incidents at the Sherbans Diner. [snip]

This has to be reported from a local paper since the party affiliation is mentioned in the second graph. All the Pompous Flacks would never out a Donkey at all or at least until the last graph of the story.

One more illustration of just which party is the bigoted, racist bunch in the country.

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