Obama’s real holiday turkey

Obama changeThere is going to be a large plucking and stuffing of of those Obama considers turkeys: America’s middle class people. They’re going to lose their jobs in larger numbers than before. When they are packed off to the welfare lines. The blacks, those that are lucky enough to have jobs will find the underside of the Obama bus oily, dirty and desolate.

Why is all this going to happen? Two reasons that the Democrats want and are working to get will produce the results. ObamaCare is the first. The insurance costs to employers are huge. Business has cut payrolls back from full timers to PT employees as far as they can. They still have to provide insurance or pay those fines which can build up into millions depending on the size of the company.

There is a way out of the squeeze for these businesses. Obama’s Executive Order granting work permits and legal status to those in country for five years. How one determines that time period is moot.

Combine this with the fact that these illegals are NOT eligible to receive ObamaCare benefits allows employers to hire them, fire Americans, and avoid the fines that would accrue for not providing insurance. While at this time these individuals might be picking vegetables and doing menial construction jobs, that will change. Once legal they can move up in job pay levels taking more jobs from Americans.

There are many business that donated to Obama and Democrats. Getting a payback is necessary; this works well and allows for business to reduce salaries, hourly pay and insurance costs. Don’t think they won’t take advantage of the gift.

The Law of Unintended Consequences will catch up with this ploy. One part is that Obama’s actions only are good for as long as he’s in office. Another part is the cost in taxes that will have to be paid to cover the increase in welfare payments. Companies will also suffer a loss in sales because of former workers shifting to a lower position on the economic ladder. Business won’t be quick to pay the illegals higher wages because they are now ‘legal’.

Get ready for the next shock unless the GOP gets some spine. They haven’t showed much before. We’ll see in January.

Begging a Pardon

Obama pardon

Jewish Humor

I was talking to Irv, my neighbor on the other side.

He told me his nephew came home from school, told his mother, Shelly, he has a part in the school play.

“oy, that’s Marvelous!”She asks, “So this part, what it is?”

The kid says, “I play the part of the Jewish husband.”

Irv said Shelly scowled and told him to go back and tell the teacher you want a speaking part.

Word Play

mind teaser
We finally figured out how Moses make his tea. Hebrews it.

Day by Day


Toon in


Liberal dissonance

Ask not what your government can do for you, ask what it is doing to you.- Jerome Kingsbury

Once more we find the liberal idiocy of the Gun Free Zone never stops an individual hell bent on killing someone. From Aurora to Sandy Hook, VA Tech to FSU, Gun free zones are merely target rich environments for someone with a death wish and a warped mind.

The means of preventing these slaughters is prevented by mental defectives aka Liberals/Progressives/Socialists/Communists. As the will tell you in a moment’s notice, they care. Of course they do, byt not enough to prevent your Ashely or Jefferson from taking two in the hat.

FSU Student Caught In Shooting Had CCP But Couldn’t Carry On Campus

During the November 20 attack at Florida State University (FSU) a student–who is also an Army combat vet–was close enough to the gunman to shoot and kill him but was not allowed to have a handgun for self-defense even though he has a concealed carry permit (CCP). This is because Florida law currently bans campus carry.

A bill to change that law and allow campus carry was thwarted by current FSU President John Thrasher in 2011, when he was a state senator.

According to Students for Concealed Carry at Florida State (SCCFS), the student had a CCP and a “clear shot at the shooter” but the campus carry ban rendered him defenseless when 31-year-old Myron May opened fire. In other words, although he had “the training and skills necessary to end the shooting… [the student was] powerless due to Florida’s laws.” [snip]

SCCFS is calling on FSU President Thrasher to change his position on campus carry and support the right for students with CCPs to carry handguns for self-defense.

Getting him to change his mind would mean he has to admit the Liberal position is wrong, that the whole concept of ‘Gun Free Zones’ is wrong. This enormous change will cause the entire faculty to buy up the complete stocks of Imodium® for the foreseeable future, and Wal-Mart’s supply of underwear too.

Dead students are far more preferable that a single gun on campus. But then there was a gun on campus to everyone’s detriment.


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