We often hear how outraged a variety of woman’s organizations such as NOW are over some imagined slight heaped upon their gender by some insensitive or potent body politic like SCOTUS, the GOP or some guy on the street.

Almost everything causing them to get their girdles in a twist hasn’t anything to do with legal items. No, the irritants for them are moral choices: Abortion, Contraception, Gun Control and job remuneration. One area of indignation is violence against women with which there is grounds for action and they work at odds against it.

Why? Why would any group do that unless they’re just running interference for a sub rosa political body.

Is there another agenda running in the background? Must be so for when an obvious solution to the problems that set NOW members hair of fire. The list above when questioned does come apart for NOW works against the very answers to their imagined afflictions.

They wish ‘Pro-Choice’ but when others choose life that’s not acceptable. If a woman wishes to protect herself from a violent ex with a weapon, that violates the gun control position. Want to be a Stay at Home Mom? That upsets the equality in the work place mantra. Public flogging is a suitable punishment.
For all the liberal ‘Be yourself ideas, ridged conformity is in more demand: Very socialistic.

Women’s Health and all that it entails from contraception to breast feeding to marches decrying female genital mutilation the streets are filled with  bra and braless individuals demanding action immediately if not sooner. When a Christian minister quotes scripture telling the wife to honor her husband, torches and pitchforks are handed out on the way up to the church door. A crucifixion is in order and by Gaia they’ll have one.

That turns around when when some Muslim commits an honor killing of his daughter; the roar of silence is astounding.When some Imam takes two sharp rocks and destroys Muslim girls genitals, not a whisper issues forth or when that same Imam tell that husband to beat his wife: CRICKETS!

One has to believe that NOW and any other Leftist organization claiming standing for certain groups probably is a front for Big Government aka Progressive Policies.


Amusing, and it’s the way it works.

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Obama-World Leader

Obama demonstrates his skill

as a leader in world affairs

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Many times we ignore the parallels in the political directions of groups as they rise up, coalesce to finally form a nation state which turns out to inimical to the health of civilized peoples. In the last century, Naziism sprung forth with a following and a promise to restore national pride.
Today, what we have in Iraq, Syria, Africa and elsewhere is the same.Fascust mates 02
From Barnhardt

I was recently reminded of this piece that I wrote for years ago. Islam is an evil political system. There is no such thing as “islamic extremism” versus “moderate islam” any more than there was a “moderate Nazism”. To understand this truism, one need only replace contemporary commentary or reportage on islam with the words “Nazism” and “Third Reich” to understand the abject imbecility of the entire notion of a “moderate” islam. Nope. The islamic political system, like Nazism, must be exterminated from the face of the earth – not merely contained, not merely subjugated. Exterminated.

What did we do with the Nazis? With the Country of Germany? How about the Axis Powers Italy and Japan? It took that kind of determination to eliminate the visceral hatred for a group of people they were willing to exterminate. The Japanese also in China and Korea waged genocide. It took atomics to end that portion of a horrible epoch.
At least the Nazis did wear uniforms and stay out of civilian areas. Geneva Convention stuff, you know.

Listen to Hamas, ISIS, al Qaeda, the Taliban or any other barbarian group operating under that black flag of death. Nothing much different from Hitler’s chants blaming the Jews for all the world’s ills; Hamas merely wishes to eradicate Israel and the US. Christians have the same value as Jews, Buddhists, Daoists, Shintoists or any other infidel religion. Convert or die.

We prosecuted WWII to an unconditional surrender ending. I don’t believe that will be possible with the Islamofascists. We’ll have to exterminate them, kill all and leave no stone upon stone to remind the world of their existence.
Dealing with the Muslims as Tamerlane dealt with Baghdad ( his soldiers erect a pyramid of 90,000 enemy heads) will put finish to this blight on the World.

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The only show better is Clown Sex.


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Moms against everything

As a woman, this should scare the hell out of you. There is no way that being defenseless is a healthy position, yet, that is the very position that Bloomberg and the Progressives wish you to be.

New Bloomberg Anti-Gun Ad Inadvertently Proves Why Women Need a Gun

Bloomberg’s new anti-gun Organization Everytown is out with a new advertisement that inadvertently proves why women should be trained and armed before being faced with a violent attacker. [snip]

The point of the video according to Everytown is to urge people to contact their legislators about keeping guns out of the hands of domestic abusers. Fair enough, but what happens when a domestic abuser disobeys firearms laws already on the books and gets a gun illegally (as most criminals do)? As the video makes clear, there was a restraining order against the husband, which he violated. What are women supposed to do when violent attackers disobey the laws? I happen to believe that a piece of paper and a false assurance police will show up on time aren’t good enough. Women must be able to go on the offensive with equal force to protect themselves. [snip]

Protect and serve
Here in South Carolina, that ‘husband’ could have been legally shot through the closed door. Problem solved. I shall agree that isn’t the best solution; the kid and the woman would have some fierce memories. Those memories are better however, than being dead.


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