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I’ve been receiving quite a few e-mails concerning the difference between ‘Bad’ Towelheads and ‘Good Towelheads’. It is time for an explanation of the difference


In these troubled times, it has become very difficult to distinguish the good towel-heads from the bad towel heads. Just where are the moderate Muslims, anyway? Do they actually exist?

The following is provided, to help you distinguish between a BAD “towel-head” and a GOOD “towel-head.” You must study the pictures carefully so that you will not confuse the two in a moment of indecision …. It could save your life!

Towel head 01

And this is a GOOD TOWEL-HEAD:
Towel head 02

Is anyone

still confused?

Earth Day Follies

Gore 01Anytime you get the Watermelons predicting sheer terror, nightmare scenarios and disasters, you can count on humor, idiocy and rampant stupidity to spill out and stink up the place like a pile of dead fish.
The following are some of the horrible predictions from the minds of the EARTH DAY POOBAHS!

Predictions Earth Day Founders Got Wrong

The original Earth Day was proposed at the 1969
United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization Conference in San Francisco by peace activist John McConnell and supported by UN Secretary General U Thant to honor peace on earth and the first day of spring on March 21, 1970.

Earth Day was hijacked a month later by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson (D-WI) as a day for environmental and social injustice teach-ins on April 22, 1970 (Lenin’s birthday). [snip]

We bike for Gaia, among other things!Lezzie bikers

Over the last 44 years Earth Day has often been hijacked by political opportunists and faux scientists, but it is great fun to look back and see just how wrong the original Earth Day environmental experts were about the science and the future:

  • “Air pollution… is certainly going to take hundreds of thousands of lives in the next few years alone.” Paul Ehrlich, Stanford University biologist
  • “The world has been chilling sharply for about twenty years. If present trends continue, the world will be about four degrees colder for the global mean temperature in 1990, but eleven degrees colder in the year 2000. This is about twice what it would take to put us into an ice age.” Kenneth Watt, Ecologist
  • “Dr. S. Dillon Ripley, secretary of the Smithsonian Institute, believes that in 25 years, somewhere between 75 and 80 percent of all the species of living animals will be extinct.” Sen. Gaylord Nelson
  • “We have about five more years at the outside to do something.” Kenneth Watt
  • “Civilization will end within 15 or 30 years unless immediate action is taken against problems facing mankind.” George Wald, Harvard Biologist
  • “Population will inevitably and completely outstrip whatever small increases in food supplies we make. The death rate will increase until at least 100-200 million people per year will be starving to death during the next ten years.” Paul Ehrlich
  • “By… [1975] some experts feel that food shortages will have escalated the present level of world hunger and starvation into famines of unbelievable proportions. Other experts, more optimistic, think the ultimate food-population collision will not occur until the decade of the 1980s.” Paul Ehrlich
  • “It is already too late to avoid mass starvation.” Denis Hayes, chief organizer for Earth Day
  • “Demographers agree almost unanimously on the following grim timetable: by 1975 widespread famines will begin in India; these will spread by 1990 to include all of India, Pakistan, China and the Near East, Africa. By the year 2000, or conceivably sooner, South and Central America will exist under famine conditions… By the year 2000, thirty years from now, the entire world, with the exception of Western Europe, North America, and Australia, will be in famine.” Peter Gunter, professor, North Texas State University
  • “Scientists have solid experimental and theoretical evidence to support… the following predictions: In a decade, urban dwellers will have to wear gas masks to survive air pollution… by 1985 air pollution will have reduced the amount of sunlight reaching earth by one half.” Life magazine, January 1970
  • “At the present rate of nitrogen buildup, it’s only a matter of time before light will be filtered out of the atmosphere and none of our land will be usable.” Kenneth Watt
  • “By the year 2000, if present trends continue, we will be using up crude oil at such a rate… that there won’t be any more crude oil. You’ll drive up to the pump and say,`Fill ‘er up, buddy,’ and he’ll say,`I am very sorry, there isn’t any.’” Kenneth Watt

Despite this gloom and doom, virtually none of the projections of the original Earth Day from 44 years ago have come to pass. The growing season across the northern hemisphere is expanding. This is mainly due to a slight warming trend and increased precipitation across the mid-to-high latitudes of the northern hemisphere (where most of the world’s crops are grown). Higher CO2 levels are also leading to more productive plants and contributing to an increasing global output of food products. The net effect has caused the planet to be truly “greening,” and life expectancy at birth is now the longest in history. [snip]

From Gaylord Nelson to Al Gore, you’re dealing with the “Cult Of Wrong” in so many ways one cannot count them. It’s nothing more than a political party vying for dominion over the population. “Let us tell you how to live, or else!” is the platform.


Have you gotten the sense that we’re living behind enemy lines? That the shift from being in friendly territory is not where you now reside. Listen carefully to the news. Pay attention to the words of the political flacks spinning the verbiage of Harry Reid and Obama. Have you become a ‘domestic terrorist’ because you refuse to become a ‘Comrade’, a collectivist in Harry Reid’s America.SWAT 01

CARSON: When government looks more like foe than friend

The Bundy case in Nevada provides many insights into the state of our nation with respect to the relationship between the people and the government.

The Bundys appear to be honorable American citizens without adequate legal counsel to help resolve a federal land issue about which they disagree with the Bureau of Land Management. Without question, they violated some of the innumerable laws and regulations that continue to entangle every aspect of American life.

Their violations could certainly have been handled through a multitude of less brutal means than those employed by our federal government, which through the mouthpiece of Sen. Harry Reid emphasizes how important it is for the government to enforce its laws.

It is quite interesting to see, though, that the same bureaucrats refuse to enforce some of our federal border-protection laws and other domestic policies with which they disagree. Perhaps Mr. Reid’s time could be better spent explaining why it is acceptable for the federal government to pick and choose which laws it wishes to enforce.

The senator readily referred to the Bundys and their supporters as “domestic terrorists,” but the current administration is reticent about applying the same term to Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, who admitted slaughtering more than a dozen people in 2009 at Fort Hood in Texas. What does this tell us about our government and its perceptions and alignments? [snip]

Harry Reid considers following selective laws fine for him but woe unto those that practice this choice for themselves.

Those Americans who are concerned about the possible future imposition of martial law after a financial collapse or some other event should take solace in knowing that many military and law enforcement personnel would likely refuse to obey commands inconsistent with freedom and American values. Such commands could emanate from any political party in the future, but it is likely that such a party would be one controlling an administration that selectively enforces laws and ignores or excuses corruption.

Another important lesson from this incident is the value of a well-armed citizenry. The Second Amendment was crafted by wise citizens who recognized how quickly an enemy invasion could occur or how our own government could be deceived into thinking it had the right to dominate the people.[snip]

Another important lesson from this incident is the value of a well-armed citizenry. The Second Amendment was crafted by wise citizens who recognized how quickly an enemy invasion could occur or how our own government could be deceived into thinking it had the right to dominate the people.

Such domination is considerably more difficult when people have arms and can put up significant resistance. This is the reason that brutal dictators like Fidel Castro, Josef Stalin, Mao Zedong, Adolf Hitler and Idi Amin tried to disarm the populace before imposing governmental control. Such domination could occur in America in the not-too-distant future if we are not vigilant.

We must be reasonable and willing to engage in conversation about how to limit the availability of dangerous weapons to criminals and very violent or insane people. In light of past worldwide atrocities committed by tyrants, though, to threaten the Second Amendment rights of ordinary American citizens is itself insanity. Those wishing to ban all assault weapons fail to understand the original intent of the Second Amendment. [snip]

CopsLeave Obama to his choices and this country will see more of this confrontational type of governmental action. If it isn’t the IRS or the BLM, it will be the BAFTE, DEA, DHS or HHS coming after citizens. Since Obama has each of these agencies including the Dept of Education with their own SWAT teams and squirreling away ammo, you can guess they have reason to believe they need to use it.
If you think the Dept of Ed bought weapons and ammo for Ms. Grundy’s Home Ec class, you must reside in Colorado.

Toon in


Climate Change

When one gets the ultimate fool blathering about the ultimate scam this is the delivery.Here's warming

Al Gore Calls Global Warming Skeptics “Immoral, Unethical And Despicable”…

The man who was almost president graced Honolulu with his presence Tuesday and walked us through a “seminar of sustainability.” [snip]

But Gore cited two “game changers” in recent years that will help. The first is the growing realization from even climate-change deniers that something seems to be strange with the weather. The second is the exponential growth in photovoltaic solar panels, driven largely by consumer demand for lower prices. [snip]

Yes, we have noticed that the weather has become MUCH COLDER. More snow, longer winters all due to Global Warming,Right AL? RIGHT?

And the increase in photovoltaic cells you tout contribute to what, the following?

Electricity Price Surged to All-Time Record for March

The average price for a kilowatthour (KWH) of electricity hit a March record of 13.5 cents, according data released yesterday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That was up about 5.5 percent from 12.8 cents per KWH in March 2013.

The relative price of electricity in the United States tends to rise in spring, peak in summer, and decline in fall. Last year, after the price of a KWH averaged 12.8 cents in March, it rose to an all-time high of 13.7 cents in June, July, August and September.

If the prevailing trend holds, the average price of a KWH would hit a new record this summer. [snip]

Of course this comes at a time when food and gasoline prices are rapidly rising too. Gives you the warm Eco-fuzzies, does it not? Makes you want to go out and hug an environmentalist tightly around the neck.Earth Day 01Finally, the pointy heads figured out that the corn additives to gas don’t produce anything EXCEPT MORE greenhouse gases. And they give less energy reducing mileage per gallon for a higher cost. Punch Al Gore in the face when you see him.

Study: Fuels from corn waste not better than gas

Biofuels made from the leftovers of harvested corn plants are worse than gasoline for global warming in the short term, a study shows, challenging the Obama administration’s conclusions that they are a much cleaner oil alternative and will help combat climate change.

A $500,000 study paid for by the federal government and released Sunday in the peer-reviewed journal Nature Climate Change concludes that biofuels made with corn residue release 7 percent more greenhouse gases in the early years compared with conventional gasoline. [snip]

The Environmental Protection Agency’s own analysis, which assumed about half of corn residue would be removed from fields, found that fuel made from corn residue, also known as stover, would meet the standard in the energy law. That standard requires cellulosic biofuels to release 60 percent less carbon pollution than gasoline. [snip]

EPA spokeswoman Liz Purchia said in a statement that the study “does not provide useful information relevant to the life cycle greenhouse gas emissions from corn stover ethanol.”

But an AP investigation last year found that the EPA’s analysis of corn-based ethanol failed to predict the environmental consequences accurately. [snip]

Yeah, once more the EPA fudges the numbers, gets different results.
The EPA has become the GPA-Governmental Promotional Agency. The place is stacked with Eco-freaks and Obamabots.

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Constitutional wording

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Equal pay


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